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If you’re fed up of feeling hungover and tired of trying to figure things out on your own, you’re in the right place.

I coach women who want to quit drinking, or take a break from booze, but hate the idea of missing out or feeling deprived.

Breaking out of the wine o’clock cycle can be absolutely life changing – and I know, because I’ve been through this too.

Quitting drinking is one of the best things I’ve ever done – and helping other women to do the same has become my life’s work.

I know that if someone like me can do this, you can too.

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You’re Not Missing Out: Sober Holiday Myths

At this time of year I often hear from people worried they’ll be missing out if they stay sober on holiday. They can’t imagine skipping cocktails by the pool or saying no to wine with their evening meal. When you’re feeling this way…

How To Say No To Free Drinks (Without Feeling Deprived)

You’re trying really hard to be good when, out of nowhere, you’re offered a free drink. Whether it’s on holiday, at a party or a work conference, turning down free drinks can be extra tough. So how do you say no, without feeling deprived?

“I Don’t Feel Ready To Take A Break From Booze.”

Do you keep thinking about taking a break from booze? Maybe you’ve been dabbling with sobriety for a while… You spend a lot of time worrying about your drinking and contemplating quitting, but you just don’t feel ready yet.