Let's continue the journey, together

Inside The Stay Sober Club, we’ll provide the support, coaching and community you need to keep moving forward with your alcohol-free goals.

The Stay Sober Club will be your home-from-home as you grow into your sobriety. We’ll help you master what you’ve learned during the Getting Unstuck course so you can conquer your sober firsts and truly love life, alcohol free!

We all know sobriety isn’t a ‘one and done’ task on your to do list – and everyone’s journey is different – but one thing is certain: 

Alcohol-free living is a lot easier when you’re surrounded by powerful, sober women who are cheering you on, every step of the way…


"The course was life-changing for me but, like a seedling, this new lifestyle needs watering and feeding! Kate, Vicki and the gang are my MiracleGro! My new lifestyle is in its early stages; I need advice and tips for dealing with new situations that still arise so joining The Stay Sober Club was non-negotiable for my maintenance."


"I joined the Club eight months after completing the course. I'd stumbled and started drinking again - joining the Club got me back on track. The connection, companionship and support from fellow Club members has been central to my ongoing sobriety. I never thought I'd feel comfortable and relaxed in my sobriety but I really do!"


"No one can do this on their own, yet very few are doing it the way we are, guided by Kate's method and teaching. That, along with the support from all the members, is why I'm part of The Stay Sober Club. It is incredible and a miracle of modern technology that we are bound across oceans and time zones, and that we have this resource."


"I did the course in July 2021 and then thought I’d see how I did on my own. About 3 months later I’d been drinking again, so I joined the Club at the next intake. I’ve done re-runs of the course in the Club which is hugely helpful. Seeing friendly, helpful faces each week has helped transform my old ways of thinking."

Here's what you'll get each month:

Group coaching

We have a variety of Zoom calls available each week, at different times and on different themes, so we can cater for your needs, no matter where you are on this journey. Bring your questions and queries to these calls so we can talk it through and keep you moving forward. You'll also get so much help and inspiration from listening to other members sharing their experiences.


Inside The Stay Sober Club we have a powerful, motivated and driven community of incredible women who are all focused on one thing: creating an amazing, alcohol-free life! You'll be able to benefit from the wisdom of other Getting Unstuck graduates who are anywhere from a few months to a few years ahead of you!


You'll receive one expert training session a month. In these videos, we dive deep into a topic that will help you thrive in sobriety and stay in the right mindset. As a new member, you have access to our entire archive of existing training videos, which covers topics from navigating alcohol-free holidays, dealing with your inner critic, learning to love yourself and much, much more!


If you loved the 'How She Did It' stories inside the Getting Unstuck course, just wait until you watch our Spotlight series. You’ll love these in-depth, monthly interviews with graduates from all around the world. As a new member, you have access to our entire archive of existing interviews - perfect for when you need some motivation!

Get started today!

£47 per month


"I am in the club because there is no other place like it on earth. Without this club, this community of incredibly supportive, interesting women, I simply would not be sober. I certainly would not be enjoying it!! Every single member of this community is valued and this is a place where self-worth, connection and the joy of life is fostered and celebrated all the time."


"The habits I have developed from The Sober School have been in place for a small fraction of the years I lived in my previous boozy world. Reinforcement helps to keep those new habits in place. Plus it is so reassuring to be in the company of other women who 'get it' without needing an explanation as to why I am choosing to live alcohol free."

Questions? I’ve got answers…

Yes – you can join at any time for just £47 per month or £470 per year. Our annual payment option means you get 12 months for the price of 10.

We will meet up via Zoom and there are several calls to choose from each week. We follow a 4-week pattern, with calls at a variety of different times including weekends.

Our Monday newsletter will tell you which calls are coming up each week. At the moment, we have three different types of Club calls: 

  • Community Calls – You can bring anything to this call: the stuff that’s all about sobriety and the stuff that has nothing to do with it! These calls are a great opportunity to catch up with other Club members and share whatever’s on your mind.
  • Momentum Calls – for anyone trying to build momentum in their sobriety. Perhaps you’re just starting over or you’re struggling to get back on track… or maybe you’ve slipped and got stuck in an unhelpful pattern. On this call we’ll talk about the nitty gritty of getting back on track and moving through early sobriety.
  • Course Review Calls – We’ll spend the hour going back through a lesson or two from the Getting Unstuck course, together. We’ll share our answers and talk through what comes up.

If you can’t make a call live, no problem – lots of people prefer to listen to the replays instead.

If you’re reading this page, I know it’s been a few months – or maybe longer – since you took my Getting Unstuck course. If you are thriving in your sobriety right now and happy to go it alone, then you probably don’t need to join!

But if you are craving some help and support, keep reading.

Perhaps you’ve maintained your sobriety since the course but you’re going through some unique challenges right now. Maybe you’re craving a regular dose of help, inspiration and connection with a focused community that really gets it. Perhaps you’ve been questioning your sobriety or having thoughts about trying to moderate again. Or maybe you’ve gone back to drinking and regret it – and you need some motivation to get back on track.

If any of this sounds like you, The Stay Sober Club would be a good fit. 

Yes. I hope you’ll love it, but if you don’t, you can leave at any time. Your payment cannot be refunded, but you can stop future payments at any time. You can read more about the cancellation policy here.

Join now!

£47 per month