An online coaching programme to help you stop drinking and
create an alcohol-free life you love.

Next course starts: January 2019

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How does it work?

Getting Unstuck is a six week online course for women who want to stop drinking or take a break from booze. 

This programme will help you change the way you think about alcohol, so you can quit without feeling as if you’re missing out.

As a student, you’ll receive daily lessons, delivered to your inbox. In our private and secure online classroom, you’ll meet an inspiring community of women, all working towards the same goal. 

Together, we’ll celebrate the wins and troubleshoot the tricky spots, so you can break free from the hangovers and guilt.


The course is taught by me, Kate. I’m the founder of The Sober School.

For years, I was locked in a miserable cycle of heavy drinking, blackouts and hangovers. I felt stuck: alcohol was making me miserable, but sobriety always sounded so dull and boring – like a punishment for bad behaviour. 

Back then, I had no idea that stopping drinking was going to be one of the best decisions I’d ever make 🙂

Getting Unstuck is the course I wish had existed when I was looking for support. It’s perfect for anyone who feels as if alcohol is holding them back, or stopping them from living their best life. 

During the course, we will...

Debunk the myths

Most of us have been brought up to believe that alcohol is essential for fulfilment – that we can’t have fun without it. Together, we’ll destroy the marketing messages and societal pressures that keep people stuck.

Learn new strategies

I’ll help you build your own sober toolbox. You’ll walk away with healthy new coping mechanisms, and all the tools you need to deal with the ups and downs of life – without having to rely on alcohol.

Tackle root causes

An important part of sobriety is understanding and identifying the issues that drove you to drink in the first place. Together, we’ll get clear on the root causes, so you can keep moving forward and enjoy long term sobriety.

Keep you accountable

As with any big lifestyle change, sometimes you need a little help staying on track. Being part of a motivated, driven community of women will help you stay focused and cement everything you learn on the course.

You don't have to do this on your own anymore

For me, the myth-busting and exposing alcohol for what it truly is was the most helpful, as well as rewiring the brain and the habits we have formed about how we feel about alcohol. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels like alcohol is preventing them from living their best life. Do it!

Jamie, 31, Canada

This course was magic for me. Kate is knowledgeable, warm and down to earth – and best of all, she’s been there! The lessons were meaningful and practical, and I couldn’t wait to get to them each day.

Lisa, 56, USA

I was worried it would be boring and I’d grieve my drinking days – but I am blown away by how much an online course has changed my life. I never thought I could feel so happy and so at peace sober.

Ruth, 25, Wales

Through the course, I’ve met women from all around the world just like me who’ve had it with alcohol and want a different life. It’s given me the confidence to be the best version of myself I can be.

Miranda, 41, New Zealand

In the past, I just tried to deny myself something without giving myself anything to replace it. The advice and lessons I learnt from Kate made this go around much more successful, and much happier and healthier too. No wonder I was failing before! I have so many tools now.

Emily, 29, Colorado

Next course starts: January 2019


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