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5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Stopped Drinking

Oh, the beauty of hindsight! It makes everything look so completely and utterly different, doesn’t it? When I think back to those first few days and weeks of early sobriety, I could have saved myself a lot of worry and heartache…

How To Get Over The Fear Of Being Judged By Others

When I tell people that I don’t drink, they tend to look at me as though I’ve just revealed, very casually, that I eat children for breakfast. They’re often shocked. Suspicious. A bit confused. There is nearly always a demand to know why…

5 Tips For A Fabulous Alcohol-Free Holiday

When I first stopped drinking, something I really struggled to get my head around was the idea of not drinking on special occasions. Cutting out booze on a day-to-day basis was one thing, but staying sober for birthdays, weddings…

Secretly Sober? How To Turn Down Drinks & Deal With Friends

You would think it’d be no big deal to tell the people around you that you’ve decided to stop drinking. After all, if you suddenly announced you were on a diet or quitting smoking, no one else would care, right? In fact, they might even be supportive…


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I love good books, trashy gossip magazines and pink nail varnish. I don’t drink anymore – and I love it! But it wasn’t always so easy. When I was trying to stop, the help I needed was not readily available. I set up The Sober School to make it easier for other women to quit.

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