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8 Myths About Non-Drinkers (And Why They’re Wrong)

“So … how do you have fun then?” “You must get really bored.” “Is it because you’re religious?” “I bet you miss drinking loads and loads.” “Are you actually allowed to go to bars?!” Since I quit drinking, I’ve been asked all the…

Why You Should Forget About Rock Bottom

If you’ve been thinking about stopping drinking, then the chances are you’ve heard about ‘hitting rock bottom’. Perhaps you’ve read about other people’s experiences; that time they woke up in hospital, with no memory…

9 Ways We Treat Alcohol Differently From Other Drugs

If you struggle to say no to a glass of wine – but you’d never dream of touching ‘proper’ drugs – make sure you read this post. I’m always struck by the clarity we have about ‘dangerous drugs’ i.e. substances that we’ve been…

Alcohol-free? You’re In Very Good Company

Ever since I stopped drinking, I’ve been fascinated by the number of celebrities who are quietly sober. I’m not talking about people who are famous for stints in and out of rehab, or stars who’ve fought well-publicised battles with booze…

Stop Romanticising Alcohol: 5 Valentine’s Day Tips

My local supermarket has stacked bottles of pink fizz near the entrance. The restaurant next door is offering a special, boozy dinner deal. And across the road, the florist is getting ready to deliver eye-wateringly expensive champagne…


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I love good books, trashy gossip magazines and pink nail varnish. I don’t drink anymore – and I love it! But it wasn’t always so easy. When I was trying to stop, the help I needed was not readily available. I set up The Sober School to make it easier for other women to quit.

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