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Fact vs Fiction: Is Alcohol Helping Me Cope With Stress?

“It’s been a stressful day. I want a drink!” We’ve all heard other people say they need a few drinks to unwind, and the chances are we’ve also said it ourselves. The idea of drinking away our stress is very well established in…

Cravings: How To Stop Them In Their Tracks

Cravings are something you’re bound to experience in early sobriety. All of a sudden, drinking is all you can think about. That little voice in your head whispers, “Just one won’t hurt.” The thing to remember about cravings is…

How To Deal With People Who Want You To Keep Drinking

It can be really tough if your friends and family don’t understand why you want to quit, or worse still, they try and convince you not to bother. In early sobriety, mastering alcohol-free living is challenging enough without the added…

Why November Is A Great Time To Quit Drinking

“I want to quit drinking but I’m not sure this is the right time…” I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve heard say that. I know I said it countless times. Once I’d decided I needed to stop drinking, the next big decision was when. And the more…

Is There Such A Thing As ‘Normal’ Drinking?

Why can’t I drink normally? I suspect most of us have asked ourselves that question at some point or another.
I spent a lot of time trying to moderate my drinking and keep my intake to within ‘normal’ levels. I was…


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