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How To Stop Being Too Busy To Quit Drinking

“I am going to do something about my drinking — just as soon as this is out the way.” I must have said that at least a hundred times. You know what it’s like – you have a lot on at work. There are bills to pay. Your partner is…

5 Signs It’s Time To Take A Break From Booze

How do you know it’s time to quit drinking? Even at the height of my drinking career, I found this a hard question to answer. I’d google “Am I an alcoholic?” and I’d fill out endless online questionnaires. The problem was…

Trick Or Treat? The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Booze

As it’s Halloween tomorrow, now seems like a good time to talk about ‘treats’. So often we say things like: “I’m going to have a glass of wine tonight because it’s a treat.” Or “let’s get a bottle… I know it’s unhealthy, but it’s a special…

6 Common Beliefs About Booze That Just Aren’t True

I hope you’re having a good sober October! I’m thrilled to be back after taking a few weeks off to launch another live session of my Getting Unstuck course. The Sober School has grown a lot over the past year, as has the entire …

3 Tips To Help You Stop Drinking This Autumn

This is a great time of year to stop drinking or experiment with an alcohol-free lifestyle. The busy summer months are over, the kids have returned to school, we’re back into a regular routine and Christmas is still ages away (phew)…

15 Reasons Why You’ll Love Life Alcohol-Free

Have you been thinking about taking a break from booze? Perhaps you planned on quitting this month – yet you can’t seem to get motivated enough to actually do it? I know what that feels like. One of the things that helped me…

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I love good books, trashy gossip magazines and pink nail varnish. I don’t drink anymore – and I love it! But it wasn’t always so easy. When I was trying to stop, the help I needed was not readily available. I set up The Sober School to make it easier for other women to quit.

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