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3 Tips To Help You Stop Drinking This Autumn

This is a great time of year to stop drinking or experiment with an alcohol-free lifestyle. The busy summer months are over, the kids have returned to school, we’re back into a regular routine and Christmas is still ages away (phew)…

15 Reasons Why You’ll Love Life Alcohol-Free

Have you been thinking about taking a break from booze? Perhaps you planned on quitting this month – yet you can’t seem to get motivated enough to actually do it? I know what that feels like. One of the things that helped me…

Sober curious? 5 Common Questions, Answered

If you’re thinking about quitting drinking – or taking some time off from booze – the chances are you’ve been mulling over a few important questions. Things like: do I actually need to quit? Should I just cut down? Is my drinking…

Alcohol-Free Living Isn’t Boring – It’s Brilliant

I’m writing this from a little French café on the banks of the River Aisne. I’m on holiday, the sun is shining… and I’m drinking my second café au lait. Life feels GOOD. It’s at times like this that I think wow – alcohol free living…

5 Self-Care Mistakes That Make Sobriety Harder

Not long after I’d stopped drinking, a sober friend of mine suggested that I start taking self-care ‘a bit more seriously’. I winced. The idea of ‘practicing self-care’ seemed pretty self-indulgent and cringey. (Back then, I thought…

Is This Good Enough For Me To Stay As I Am?

“I’m not sure if my drinking is bad enough for me to have to quit.’’ This is something I hear a lot, and it’s a debate I had with myself for a long time. Did I really need to stop, or was I overreacting? It didn’t help that I grew up…

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I love good books, trashy gossip magazines and pink nail varnish. I don’t drink anymore – and I love it! But it wasn’t always so easy. When I was trying to stop, the help I needed was not readily available. I set up The Sober School to make it easier for other women to quit.

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