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Lessons From A Week Of Networking & Socialising Sober

I’m writing this from Orlando airport as I wait to catch my flight back to the UK. It’s been a busy few days for me – I’ve been to two different conferences, one in London and one here in Florida. My head is spinning after a week of learning…

5 Annoying Things That Happen When You Quit Drinking

Deciding to quit drinking is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Initially, my plan was just to take a break for 100 days, but five and a half years later I’ve never looked back! I decided to stick with sobriety because I felt so much…

Going Alcohol-Free: Is It Really That Scary?

It’s nearly Halloween and all this talk of spooky stuff got me thinking about an important question: what would you do if you weren’t afraid? When it comes to going alcohol-free, most of us are a bit scared. I certainly was. The thought of…

Do I Need To Quit Drinking? 6 Surprising Signs

Do I need to quit drinking? Years ago, when I was trying to decide what to do about my own drinking, I used to google this topic endlessly. I was never sure if I was overreacting or not – I wasn’t a rock bottom drinker, but I didn’t feel…

How Much You Drink Doesn’t Matter – Here’s Why

I get a lot of emails from people who want to know if I think they’re drinking too much. They’ve added up their drinks, worked out the units… and they’re worried. Or confused. After all, don’t most people drink more than the…

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I love good books, trashy gossip magazines and pink nail varnish. I don’t drink anymore – and I love it! But it wasn’t always so easy. When I was trying to stop, the help I needed was not readily available. I set up The Sober School to make it easier for other women to quit.

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