If Quitting Drinking Feels Too Hard, Try This

“This is too hard for me.” When I was struggling to quit drinking, I said this so often it almost became a mantra. But back then, alcohol-free living really did feel like an impossible task to me. If you’re feeling the same way, try this…

Numbing Out From Life’s Simple Pleasures

If you’re drinking to take the edge off the day, you’re not just numbing out from the stuff you’re trying to avoid. You end up taking the shine off a lot of the good stuff too. So you numb the lows and the highs, which means missing out on…

Alcohol Is Stealing Genuine Joy From Your Life

All you’re doing is looking forward to your next glass of wine. Perhaps you’re half way through a bottle? Or staring into an empty glass and pondering another? You’re distracted, so you don’t realise a robbery is taking place…

You’re Not Missing Out: Sober Holiday Myths

At this time of year I often hear from people worried they’ll be missing out if they stay sober on holiday. They can’t imagine skipping cocktails by the pool or saying no to wine with their evening meal. When you’re feeling this way…

How To Say No To Free Drinks (Without Feeling Deprived)

You’re trying really hard to be good when, out of nowhere, you’re offered a free drink. Whether it’s on holiday, at a party or a work conference, turning down free drinks can be extra tough. So how do you say no, without feeling deprived?

“I Don’t Feel Ready To Take A Break From Booze.”

Do you keep thinking about taking a break from booze? Maybe you’ve been dabbling with sobriety for a while… You spend a lot of time worrying about your drinking and contemplating quitting, but you just don’t feel ready yet.

Why Moderation Is More Restrictive Than Sobriety

For a long time I didn’t want to quit drinking completely. The idea of complete sobriety felt very restrictive to me. I was certain that if I could just find a way to control my drinking and “moderate properly”, I’d be happy. I was wrong…

Why You Need An Alcohol-Free Holiday This Year

This summer feels like it’s going to be the first ‘normal’ one in ages – travel is back and holidays are on. Whether you’re going away for a weekend or a couple of weeks, it can bring up the same question: “How do I do this… sober?!”

The Risks You Take When You Drink Too Much

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being guilt tripped into anything. But have you ever really thought about the damage your drinking may be doing to your health, relationships, self-esteem and reputation?

Knowing Your Reasons: 3 Tips For Finding Your Why

Why do you want to quit drinking or take a break from booze? You can probably give me a couple of reasons off the top of your head. But are there other motivators that you haven’t even considered yet?

When Wine Becomes Your Best Friend

“Alcohol has been my best friend for years.” I saw this comment on one of my blog posts recently and it got me thinking. There was definitely a time in my life when I thought the same thing. But it was a toxic friendship…

I Got Tired Of Pretending Everything Was Fine

One of the things that drove me to quit drinking was all the pretending I had to do. Acting as if I didn’t mind whether we opened another bottle. Acting as if I didn’t have a hangover. I found it really draining…