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10 Things I Love About Being Sober At Christmas
If you’re planning on drinking this Christmas, stay with me here! You might be thinking, “Nothing you say is going to change my mind, Kate. I just can’t do it… I’m not even going to think about quitting drinking until January.” If so, check out this...
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Can’t Imagine Socialising Sober? Focus On This!
When I first quit drinking, I used to find socialising sober very challenging.  Booze was everywhere and I felt as if I had a massive sign on my head that said, “Look at her, she’s not drinking!” 🚨 So if you’re newly sober (or thinking...
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Why Quitting Drinking Makes Your Life Bigger And Better
Sobriety seemed very restrictive to me before I quit drinking. There was a tightness around it in my mind. All I could focus on was what I would lose. It didn’t occur to me that quitting drinking might make my world bigger and better… but that’s exactly...
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The Real Reason Parties Can Be Less Fun, Sober
If you’ve stopped drinking or you’re trying to quit, you might have mixed feelings about the next few weeks. The festive season brings with it plenty of parties, celebrations and of course… alcohol. If you’ve found socialising sober to be a bit of...
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Feeling Grateful: Because I Was Sober Today...
My American friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving later this week, and that got me thinking about the important role that gratitude plays in sobriety. Alcohol-free living is a mindset game. It makes such a difference when you focus on what’s going...
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The Real Problem With 'Just One Drink'
Being able to have ‘just one drink’ used to be my dream. I wanted so badly to be able to pour just one glass of wine and then feel happy to stop and leave it there. But 99.9% of the time, that didn’t happen. One glass led to two, two led to three...
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No More Excuses! Try This Mindset Hack Instead
“The next few months will be so hard, it’s pointless trying to quit now.” “And work’s so busy, I haven’t got time to think about quitting… I’ve got a holiday coming up soon… and I deserve a drink because I’ve been so good...
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Is Fear Stopping You From Quitting Drinking?
Happy Halloween! If you’re scared you can’t quit drinking, worried what other people will think or daunted by the idea of managing life without alcohol, you’re not alone. Fear keeps so many people stuck...
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Grey-Area Drinking (And Why You're Not Alone)
If you’re a grey-area drinker, the chances are your drinking doesn’t feel “normal” but it doesn’t look like one of those clichéd stereotypes either. This can leave you feeling lonely, ashamed and lost. But you're not alone...
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