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How Much Of Tomorrow Do You Want To Borrow?

Did you hear the comedian James Corden talking about trying to drink less recently?

He said he’d started to ask himself this question:

“How much of tomorrow do I want to borrow?”

It’s a great question. Alcohol doesn’t add anything extra into your life – it’s just taking it from another day.

And the cost of that borrowing is HIGH. So let’s talk about whether it’s really worth it.

Key points

It helped me to think about drinking in these terms because, for a long time, I’d believed I was hacking the system and that drinking added something extra into my life. More relaxation, more fun, or more of whatever I wanted at that moment. But it wasn’t really doing that. Drinking was taking my happiness, peace, time and health from the next day… and I was paying the price for that.

When you borrow tomorrow’s happiness and peace, what is the quality of that experience? I don’t think it’s all that great. Alcohol can only ever give you an artificial, cheap version of the thing you really want. The fake relaxation that you think you get with drinking, is never quite as good as the real deal. So is the borrowing worth it, knowing that you’re going to suffer the consequences, pay a high price for it and not have a quality experience? 

Sometimes people say to me, “Well I don’t really get hangovers any more – I don’t really feel it the next day.” If this is you, I challenge you to take a proper break from drinking. Stop for six weeks and see if that’s really true. Your body was not designed to ingest a toxin like alcohol with ease. I don’t think you’ve stopped getting hangovers. You’ve just adjusted to operating at a low-level, sub-optimal state.

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29 Responses

  1. This is one of the most helpful messages I’ve heard in my quest to stop drinking for good. It is all in your mind whether you need that drink (or three) or not. Borrowing several hours from tomorrow is not something I want to do ever. (It’s more like the whole day anyway because I’ve started it off wrong). Thank you for this practical wisdom.

    1. Alcohol steals not only time, but energy and motivation too. Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised. 🙂

  2. So very true drinking is a mugs game Keep your support coming. The positive reinforcement helps me so much
    Thank you

  3. So true
    You really are borrowing of tomorrow
    Day 7 for me
    Thank you Kate for the email with the pep talk it really has helped me

  4. So very true Kate and thank you. I signed up to your emails a few weeks ago and found them so helpful. I was doing well not drinking and felt great . What you say is so true and I can relate to every word.
    Unfortunately I fell off the wagon a few days ago and I’m so cross with myself and yes lost at least half a day of my life and missed my gym session. I’m 67 and every minute of every day is special and important to me … I don’t want to borrow time So why on earth I’m I drinking this unhealthy unnecessary wine? It results in me missing out on so much. I’ve got a grip again today, I’m feeling happy and positive and I know I will be up in the morning and will have the energy and motivation for the gym.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards Christine

    1. You shouldn’t blame yourself for succumbing to alcohol; it’s the substance that’s the issue, not the person. This understanding applies to other drugs as well. For instance, we don’t stigmatise smokers for their nicotine addiction, nor do we suggest they should simply cut down or exert more self-control. Yet, the language surrounding alcohol addiction is often less forgiving. Alcohol truly adds nothing to today and steals happiness from tomorrow…

    2. Hi Christine, I can relate to your comments so much. I’m exactly the same, I beat myself up when I end up crashing and having a glass of wine, ( or a bottle! ) but then when I do give it up, even the first day without it, I love it and look so forward to going to bed alcohol free and waking up refreshed. It really isn’t easy and Kate’s emails are so inspiring.

  5. It’s refreshing James has said this, someone off TV tends to make some sit up and take note, hopefully we’ll have a few more on our giddy coach journey 😉

  6. I think the phrase ” borrowing from the next day” is a real eye opener .
    I had a few drinks on Saturday night and felt really happy.
    Had a hangover from he’ll that’s lasted 2 days and I still feel rough.
    Ive missed my grandchildren egg hunts I’ve not seen my family. I’ve not been out of my flat. I do have a sinus infection also, but was this self inflicted. yes
    I feel so ashamed of myself.
    I’ve let myself down badly.
    I’ve written an entry in my journal and stuck it on my fridge to remind myself how awful I felt after drinking too much. Remind myself how I missed precious moments with my grandchildren.
    I’m hoping this “telling off” will be enough to say NO to alcohol in the future.
    I’m 64 , not a niave youngster. Not a great look ….. a drunk Nanni. I’m so ashamed.

    1. Shame is a powerful emotion, but not always a great motivator. Put that to one side and concentrate on all the positive reasons for choosing an alcohol-free life for yourself and your family. Have a listen to my free motivational pep talk too: https://thesoberschool.com/pep-talk

  7. Thank you Kate. I listen to all your talks and can relate to absolutely most of them. Don’t know why but this has really made me feel even more motivated towards sobriety which I really need at the moment

  8. I make it to day 5 alot. This week was day 7 now on day 1 again. What a disappointment! There goes another day lost. What a waste. I really look forward to Monday mail. The talks and comments really help.Hopefully I will get it right this time. My family and I deserve me to be alcohol free. Thanks Kate for your help!

  9. I really enjoyed your video, I completely relate! I’m tired of borrowing from tomorrow. I’m on day 3 today and feeling good and proud of my self. I don’t know if I’m taking a break or giving for good but I wanted to say that I thought it was just me that was unable to stop at one glass of wine and there was something wrong with me! It feels good to know I’m not alone and can let go of the shame!

  10. This is good sense. It’s day 28 for me and my energy levels are much better enabling me to achieve a lot more in my days. Thank you.

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