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“I Just Want To Numb Out And Escape For A Bit”
Many people want to numb out these days. We're living in difficult times - and when things are tough it can be tempting to drink more, just to get a break at the end of the day. You crave that numbness. That feeling of turning off the world...
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Another Hidden Cost Of Drinking (Don’t Do This!)
If you’ve been thinking about stopping drinking for a while, then I suspect you already know what alcohol is costing your physical and mental health. You know the cost of being hungover… and the countless repercussions that has for you. You’ve probably...
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Drinking Is Hard - It’s Not The Easy Option
I was at an event recently where one of the speakers said something that I’ve been thinking about ever since. She said, “If you choose the easy path, life will end up being hard for you. If you choose the hard path, life will wind up easy.” I can’t...
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Before You Hit The F*** It Button, Try This
It may only be the first week of November, but at this time of year, there are two types of messages I start to see in my inbox: “What’s the point of even trying to quit drinking now? It’s going to be too hard – there are too many parties and...
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How Much Time Is Alcohol Stealing From You?
In my part of the world the clocks have just gone back, so yesterday we got a whole extra hour in the day. I love it when that happens! But it got me thinking about how important time is. Which made me wonder whether you know how much time alcohol...
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3 Things You Can Learn From Adele’s Sober Journey
Did you see the singer Adele talking about her sobriety last week?  Her comments were widely reported because she described herself as a “borderline alcoholic” and said she really missed drinking. There’s so much I’d love to say directly to Adele...
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Trying To Drink Less? Beware The Tolerance Trap
The other day I got an email from someone who follows my blog. She wrote: “I’m so mad with myself. I managed almost a whole month without drinking but for some reason I bought some wine one Saturday evening, at home alone. “I only had one glass...
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A Boring (But Effective!) Tip To Help You Stay On Track
You promise yourself that you’re not drinking. But then… Work was sooo bad, you need a drink afterwards. You go out and everyone else orders wine, so it’s hard to say no. You get home and find your favourite drink chilling in the fridge. Has...
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4 reasons main-min
4 Reasons Why You’re Not Taking Action Yet
Does this sound like you? You spend a lot of time thinking about your drinking: worrying and wondering whether you should quit. You buy books about alcohol-free living and follow sober bloggers on Instagram. You wake up hungover and vow you’ll quit...
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