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Drunken Mistakes And Cringey, Awkward Moments

Have you ever done something stupid when you’ve been drinking… a drunken mistake that’s left you cringing for weeks?

Yeah, me too.

But we don’t often talk about this stuff. The awkward, embarrassing and shameful things that happen…

And yet it can be a huge relief to hear other people’s stories and know you’re not alone.

Which is why I’m sharing some anonymous, cringey confessions this week…

Confessions from Sober School graduates:

“I got asked to leave my little brother’s wedding. I was a drunken mess before dinner had even ended and then fell over on the dance floor. Both our parents have passed away, so I was the only “parental figure” my baby brother had at his wedding. I have many “partied too hard” stories, but this is my most shameful one. My family was great about it, but it’s taken a lot of work to forgive myself.”

“Whilst away on a business trip to a trade fair, I got absolutely hammered and fell over and twisted my ankle. The next morning, I got to the exhibition hall and had to barge my way into the gents to throw up as the queue for the ladies was far too long! I then had to go to the first aid station to get my ankle strapped up. As a senior member of our team, I was absolutely mortified and was lucky no one told our boss.”

“I was working in the garden when my husband returned home with his parents, who were visiting us. I asked him if he could get the bin – meaning the big green wheelie bin for garden waste, but he went and got the glass recycling bin instead. I said you’ve got the wrong one and he replied, “No I’ve got the right one, you are going to need this for the wine bottles you’ve hidden in the bushes first!” I wished the ground would have swallowed me up as his parents were listening too.”

“On New Year’s Eve we stayed in and ordered a takeaway curry. I’d had several bottles of Prosecco and have a vague memory of my plate slipping off my tray and onto the carpet… and me trying to pick it all up whilst my partner – who’d had far less to drink – watched on in disbelief. I woke up in the morning still in my clothes from the night before. My sofa and new sparkly jumper were covered in curry. I was mortified. I’ve not had a curry or a drink since.”

“When I first met my partner his parents invited me over for a meal at their house. I was delighted to be asked and bought a new outfit and got my hair done, as I wanted to make a good impression. Unfortunately I got so drunk I fell off my chair and had to be carried to their spare bedroom to sleep it off. I still cringe when I think about it, thankfully they’re lovely and forgave me.”

“A few years ago a friend and I went to London to see a show. We got absolutely hammered. Afterwards we went to a restaurant and as I sat down at the table, I completely misjudged where the chair was, fell over and landed face down in the lap of the lady on the next table. I was so mortified we had to leave there and then. I still cringe when I think about it.”

“A few months before I took your course I went to a school fundraising event where there was karaoke. I woke up the next morning in the spare room with flashback scenes running in my head. Flash – standing with the microphone in my hand and seeing a parent’s horrified face. Flash – shouting at my husband outside the school hall. The strongest memory is the intense feeling of dread as I strained to remember more of the evening, praying I’d got it all wrong and everything was ok. It wasn’t.”

“I came back home drunk in a cab and paid with my credit card. After entering the PIN, I realised too late that the machine was asking for a tip (not the PIN) and I’d left a big amount for the driver. I asked him to cancel the transaction, but he said he couldn’t,  I’d have to claim it from my bank. I decided that I wouldn’t move from the cab until he gave me back my money. I laid down on the back seat, waiting. He called the police, the police arrived and tried to get me out of the cab, but I didn’t want to move. Somehow they contacted my boyfriend who arrived at the scene and finally convinced me to get out of the cab. I never got the money back in the end, but my boyfriend and I have now been married for 15 years.”

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  1. Just this weekend, I got so drunk, I am recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and still can’t really eat and so drinking on an empty stomach was a recipe for disaster. We were at a dinner party and suddenly my husband said I just slumped, they called a cab but he and the host had to carry me to the cab. When we got home I opened the door of the cab and just fell out into the gutter. I then proceeded to go into my daughter’s room by mistake, fall into her desk and smash everything onto the floor. I woke up with no memory of any of this but spent the day being sick and lying in a darkened room. I am so ashamed.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s hard when our loved ones remind us what happened the next day. I hear many stories just like yours all the time, so you are not alone. Maybe now is the time to take a decent break from booze and test drive sobriety. Here’s how I can help you do that: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

    1. I can relate to all of this and I still have aufil regrets about having too much to drink at my beautiful daughter’s wedding she and all have forgiven me but I really haven’t forgotten it at all. I was so upset on the day I had lost three sisters previous but I should not have let it happen but thank god since I got to know about Kate it’s so good I can read back and retain what she is saying. I still need to be reminded I look back and read every day. Kate you are my life saver thank you so so much really appreciate your kindness and help.

  2. I can relate to all of the confessions. Drunken moments have ruined my self confidence, self image over many years and yes they pass but are in a very full closet. I haven’t had a drink for 8 weeks now and feel so happy about it.

    1. Congratulations on your eight weeks, that’s brilliant! Your self confidence grows day by day in sobriety as you learn to trust yourself again. 🙂

  3. I have lots of embarrassing stories but the worst would be saying awful things to lovely friends that were completely nonsense and that sober me would never have dreamed of saying.

    The self loathing after a big drinking session was also awful, and happened every time. I truly hated myself.

    The amount of trust I put in others when I was drunk was dangerous both physically and emotionally.

    I’m so so glad those days are behind me! I am much happier in general. I have stronger friendships (no surprise there!- I’m not self sabotaging them!) And I have respect for myself- that’s the best one.

    1. Self respect is about recognising and honouring your own worth. Drinking alcohol until you act or speak out of character is not respectful to yourself or others, so I’m happy to hear that’s behind you now. ❤️

      1. I wouldn’t know were to start with my embarrassing moments! I’m only back to 6 days in but honestly the stuff I’ve done from getting arrested to fighting taking my kids to school drunk u name it I’ve done it but keep having to pull myself back up n try again to completely stop drinking I will do it .

        1. Six days is a great start, so be proud of taking the first steps. We shouldn’t have to do the hard things in life alone, so if you’d like my help to quit or take a break from booze, here are the details of my next online course called Getting Unstuck: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

  4. Goosebumps… wow, those are vulnerable and so happy they all found you and changed. It might not be easy to quit, but none of those experiences sound easy, either.

  5. Firstly, thank you all for the wisdom and honesty shared here. I’ve known for a long time that I need to quit drinking, but convinced myself that I could somehow control the amounts. This was usually after a few days of not drinking after my last bender. I kept my subscription to this newsletter because deep down, I knew that wasn’t true. But 4 days ago I finally accepted that I cannot have alcohol in my life, period. My fiancé and I went to play pool after I got off work. I had multiple drinks there and had already had a couple of beers at lunch. A perceived slight from the server had me in tears in front of all the patrons at the bar and ended with her taking pity on me. My poor fiancé had to deal with my embarrassment being taken out on him on the drive home. The next morning I decided I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. The subject of this email couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. I wanted to share my story even though I am mortified of how I behaved. 4 days doesn’t seem like much, but when I was drinking I couldn’t even go 4 days without.

    1. Appreciate the honesty and vulnerability shared by you too Jessica. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact we act differently when under the influence, but also to realise that it’s the drug alcohol that is the problem, not ourselves.

  6. Coming up on 2 years. I highly recommend Kate’s course. I’ve actually followed Kate before I chose to be sober. When the time is right, you will not regret the real life joys that be given to you. I got educated and much healthier. Happy, too! Hugs to everyone here!

  7. My latest episode of drinking too much and making a spectacle of myself was last Friday,
    I’d been out for dinner with my Husband and friends after dinner my Husband and I walked home or I tried too. The last straw happened when I fell into a bush my husband filmed me (it was the best thing) as it proved to me how bad I was, I was abusive to him. The next morning I woke ashamed and knew I had to do something as I had a bruised arm. He showed me the video which I thanked him for as it has finally showed me I need to stop drinking. It’s very early days but im glad I found your web site. I’m committed to change and I’m thankful to have a loving supportive Husband.

  8. I was at a family dinner. I was drunk. I thought I was just drinking the same as everyone else, and maybe I was. But I was too drunk for me, and too drunk to be properly aware. I started to relate the story of my step-sister’s wedding, at which her father toasted his new wife, rather than her. I thought this was hilarious. I was screeching with laughter. Suddenly (to me), my dear step-sister rushed upstairs in floods of tears. I followed her, remorseful. “It’s not you” , she said. “It’s just my dad is so crap”. Of course she was upset. It was her father, her wedding; not just a funny story. I felt so ashamed, but even so, it has taken me ten years to relate this to alcohol.

    1. Alcohol numbs and slows the brain, so it’s common to say things we wouldn’t normally share when intoxicated. The usual gatekeeper of the conscious brain is out of action and means we say and do things without the usual forethought. Once you get a taste of alcohol freedom, you realise what a relief it is not to worry ever again how you’ll act or speak to loved ones. Let me show you a different way to live your one and only life: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

  9. Hi used to have a bottle of wine,thinking I’m ok and then phone or txt my family. Then waking up in the morning,going through my txt and call history realising what I’d done and upset people especially the closest to me. Feeling ashamed of my behaviour it used to take me over a week feel better. And embarrassed about meeting up with the people who I upset. I’m so glad that not drinking I’m so aware of my behaviour now

    1. Being able to trust yourself is a huge relief to many women I’ve coached. There’s often a sense of dread in the morning when checking phones after a drinking session. Thankfully, no longer for you Sherry! 🙂

  10. I can relate to all of these stories I have showen my self up so many times being so drunk ,my daughters wedding my grandsons christening I have been a disgrace . Thanks every one for beeing so honest . I don’t miss the wine

  11. As others have stated, there’s numerous embarrassing events when I had too much to drink.
    I’m thankful I took “a break” last October. My health, marriage and personal lifestyle have improved so much! I thought I could “handle it” on St Patty’s Day. Nope…we stayed home so nothing outlandish happened….just sicker than a dog for 2 days afterwards. And was’t that embarrassing! Alcohol is not my friend.

  12. Today is day 2! For me it’s the cost of health. Many times I’ve vowed to control more! Just one and only on weekends ! Stress, work, family kicks in and we work our way back. More days, more drinks. It’s rewriting the story that is hard.

  13. One particularly embarrassing moment (among many) happened at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, several years ago. I was attending with a friend and had been on a stretch of not drinking but since we were having a pre-opera dinner at a swanky restaurant, I had some wine. During the opera I was suddenly seized with a terrible feeling of nausea and because I was sitting in the fifth row couldn’t possibly attempt to leave during the performance. Happily, I left the restaurant still holding the large cloth napkin from dinner and I was able to bend over in my seat and quietly throw up in it. Apparently nobody noticed (the opera must have been riveting!) or were just being polite but I realized how close I came to utter humiliation. If I hadn’t had that napkin I don’t know what I would have done or what would have happened to me. Visions of vomiting all over myself and those next me, of disrupting the performance and being hauled out by security play through my head and are always enough to stifle any urge I may feel about taking a drink.

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