How do you find the right time to quit drinking? 

Perhaps you’ve dabbled with alcohol-free living, on and off. 

Maybe you spend a lot of time thinking about stopping. 

You love the idea of waking up hangover free… and you know you’ll sleep better, look better, feel great and save tons of money.

You know you need to do something… and yet the moment never feels quite right.

This video is all about finding the right time to quit drinking:

Key points:

There is no such thing as the ‘right time’ to quit drinking

Logically, we all know this, because life is messy. But when we’re about to do something new and out of our comfort zone, it’s easy to drift back into waiting for the ‘right time’ to come along.


Perfect moment vs perfect perspective

We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control our attitude, our actions and the perspective we choose. It’s the way you interpret what’s happening around you that really matters. 

For every person who thinks a global pandemic is a terrible time to quit drinking, someone else will look at the same situation and decide it’s the perfect moment. It’s all about perspective – so why not choose one that moves you forward?


There will always be a reason to delay

It’s easy to romanticise how things were before or how much easier things might be in the future. But the reality is that there will always be something. If you look for it, you’ll always be able to find a reason why now isn’t the right time.

Ultimately, if your drinking is making you miserable, or you’re worried about it, then this is the right time. And the secret to success? Start before you’re ready. 


If you’d love some help and support to quit drinking, click here for details of my online course.


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