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The Simple Benefits Of Sobriety That You’ll Love

There are lots of big, brilliant benefits to ditching booze.

But my favourite thing to talk about is actually the really small stuff.

The teeny tiny, discrete benefits of ditching booze. The side effects that perhaps only you will ever notice, but you’ll absolutely love.

So let’s talk about some of the simple benefits you can look forward to…

Key points:

Sometimes we get caught up talking about the really big benefits, like looking younger and waking up hangover free. I absolutely love those things too, but it’s important not to overlook the smaller stuff. Those teeny, tiny things do matter and they add up. It can feel like death by a thousand paper cuts.

  • Being able to drive and pick your kids up in the evening, without resenting them for delaying the start of your drinking
  • Not having to constantly manage your drinking and check you have enough at home… but not too much
  • Being able to look your partner in the eye because you remember everything that happened last night
  • Not having to pretend that you can recall a conversation that you have no memory of
  • Wearing less make-up because your face isn’t as blotchy and red
  • Being fully present for morning conversations, rather than ruminating on the night before
  • No more hiding empties and having to work out where to dispose of them so they aren’t noticed
  • A lighter recycling bin!

Whether you’ve quit drinking already or you’re still on that journey, I’d love to hear what simple benefit springs to mind for you here. If you’re still drinking, an easy way to figure this out is by answering this question: what are the small, bothersome things that you hate about drinking? Perhaps they’re things that only you know about or only you notice. They might be things that you hide well, but really wish you didn’t have to deal with.

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. Yes, it’s the recycling bin and me trying to drop the bottles into the bin without making too much noise. So embarrassed at being caught with the empties in my dressing gown the morning after the night before.

      1. I miss the good old days when places where you can buy alcohol weren’t even on my radar. Before I started boozing, I could drive and walk around without ever noticing bars, bottleshops or even ads for alcohol in the landscape! Never used to pay them any mind at all. Now, they’re like the scene of that horrible car crash you can’t take your eyes away from for me. No matter how I try to keep them away l,.my eyes are drawn back to reminders of booze
        I also miss the days when checking closing times on the ‘net for all the stores that sell alcohol in a 100 mile radius wasn’t a thing in my life either

  2. I started my alcohol free journey last October with a little success. I’m currently 3 weeks sober and attending the Sober School program. My little but big thing was getting embarrassed with the homeless guy who went through the weekly recycle bin and how many large empty bottles of vodka he took. Now… there’s none! No more shame regarding empties!

    1. It’s the little things that matter, but often go unnoticed. It’s good to think of all the benefits because they are numerous and add up to the full experience of peaceful alcohol-free living. 🙂

  3. I absolutely hated that I hated myself and felt ashamed not even knowing why I had to glut down the whole bottle of wine then pretend I hadn’t- makes no sense to my conscious mind at all but totally shows how powerful the subconscious brain and of course what a rotten unsophisticated drug alcohol is. (July 23 graduate – best thing I ever did) if you want to quit drinking its just the best, don’t think about it just do it

    1. So good to hear you are still going strong Bernadette and that one year anniversary is just around the corner. ❤️

  4. My little-big thing about quitting alcohol was that I could jump in the car at any time of day: morning or night, fully present and aware. For years my car was out of action for me most nights.
    Without alcohol I could pop to the shops for forgotten ingredients, be relied upon as the designated driver (I felt so honored and powerful!) and drive myself to the gym to work out. To drive at night may not be a biggy for many people, but for me it opened up a whole new world, as thought I had attained a superpower to enhance my life and those of family and friends.
    1574 days AF

    1. Agreed Nikki, having trust in yourself to be present for your family, or a friend in need is truly invaluable. And 1,574 days alcohol-free is amazing, many congratulations! ❤️

  5. Definitely not hiding bottles because it was too late to take them out to the bin and then waking and trying to remember where I had hidden them.

  6. I really like this video and look forward to no more empties – not bottles, not memories, not promises. This is a hopeful thought.

    1. I really like that Ann 🙂 No more empties of any kind, life is too precious for missing out on memories and breaking promises.

  7. Hi, for me it’s the guy at the Tesco self-serve who had to authorise my purchase each time I went. I’m sure he was keeping a weekly count. Thankfully 74 days later I bet he misses me

  8. My sister lives in a different time zone. So often I had to cancel plans to talk on the phone because I had started in. I talk (FaceTime) with her all the time now. Actually I’m talking with lots of long distance friends and relatives. Always a good time to chat now! Sober School works!

    1. Thanks for the endorsement of the Sober School. ❤️ Authentic, engaging conversations are invariably more satisfying for both individuals involved; it’s good to talk!

  9. That hit home for me. I do wounder if people in the gym class can smell the alcohol seeping through my sweat! And I do have days when I can’t even remember going to bed let alone how the TV programme I’ve been watching with my husband ended! I keep on wanting to stop drinking but I go for a weeknor so then husband encourages me just to “have 1 glass”! I do feel very pathetic especially as I need to stay fit for my job.

  10. I love how my kids & grandkids can stop by any time of day and I’m 100% present & not trying to hide my drinking——I’m FREE!!!

    1. Isn’t that the best feeling Kim and the benefits ripple outwards to our family too. Congratulations! 🙂

  11. Not hiding the empty wine bottle at end of night, having blank spots in my memory and wondering what clerk thought of my alcohol purchases.

  12. My daughter and I had a seamstress appointment today for her wedding dress. She asked if we could go get dinner after. My immediate thought was it would normally cut into my drinking hour and I would then be full of food, hence not really being able to drink much after. But what a gift! The fact that my daughter wants to hang out with me! I’m never trading that for drinking.

    1. Aah, that’s beautiful to know your daughter wants to spend quality time with you and should never be sacrificed. ❤️

  13. Hi Kate, wow I never thought of that so I’m starting a list of ‘little’ things that make me happy about being sober. I used to put newspaper & cereal boxes in the bin to smother the noise of the crashing bottles or place them in by hand watching out for neighbors. Also watching the check out ladies to see if they noticed my ‘regular purchases’. A lady at my club has now given up the booze, I hope it’s ok that I sent her your email. love always gill. xx

    1. It’s the little things that matter in life, so I love your idea to list those that make you happy. Thanks so much for passing on my email, I do appreciate you spreading the word so I can help more women escape the alcohol trap. 🙂

  14. Hi Kate, The best thing for me is not having a disgusting taste in my mouth when I wake up in the morning. The bin clattering was an issue as well. It’s just over 6 weeks now and these problems are no more. Thank you.

    1. Valuing the little things can cumulatively lead to a positive outlook on sobriety, which is sometimes unfairly stigmatised. Six weeks is awesome, keep going Bernette!

  15. Going to do the main shopping and not going down the alcohol aisle, without a second thought. Cost of the shopping now gives me more money left in our bank account. Happy days.,

    1. Yes that is a great benefit Sheila, love that. Saving money is always a good thing, more to spend on truly looking after yourself.

  16. Not having to think of an excuse to get my vodka. Such as “oh honey do you want that burger at lunchtime?” I used to get the burger and stop at the liquor store on the way back and hide it in my purse. I have been free almost a month!

  17. Thank you! I took a quiet time to listen to you twice. And it was nice to push aside the obvious. So often, I don’t feel sharp, especially in the mornings, and I have to talk to colleagues, I have to be on zoom meetings. And I feel, like I’m not making sense or overcompensating. I feel stressed and embarrassed about myself.

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