Work is over. Dinner is made. The kids are in bed. 

You finally have some time to yourself and you deserve a reward, right?

When wine is your ‘me time’ the thought of quitting drinking can feel very depriving.

So how can we change this? That’s what this video is all about.

Key points:

You deserve a reward

You deserve a break and you deserve to be taken care of, but alcohol isn’t doing that. It doesn’t care about you. Start making a list of all the different ways in which drinking is not a reward at all, e.g. the hangover, bad sleep, regret etc.

‘Me time’ shouldn’t make you feel awful the next day. It’s obvious really, but the reason we overlook this logic is because we’re constantly told that drinking is self care. We hear this from friends, adverts, social media and cultural messages around alcohol. 


Sober rewards are right under your nose

What do you currently do whilst you’re drinking? Are you watching TV? Reading a book? Having a bath? Chatting with your partner, catching up with friends? Listening to music or enjoying some peace and quiet? 

The chances are that you’ve paired a lot of relaxing activities with drinking. But because you were drinking, you’ve given alcohol credit for the pleasure you’ve got from them. Those activities are all great in their own right.


You need some down time

Being sober doesn’t have to mean being ‘on’ all the time. You need time to rest and switch off at the end of the day. You can still ‘numb out’ from your life and your problems by binge watching Netflix if you want to. 

When you switch off and reward yourself with something other than alcohol, you start the next day feeling fine. After a good night’s sleep, the stuff you wanted to escape from might seem a tiny bit more manageable… and making long term changes feels much more doable.


Looking for a step by step guide to creating an alcohol-free life you love? Click here for details of my online course.

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