We often describe alcohol as a treat. 

“It’s been a long day… I’m going to treat myself to some nice wine.”
“Let’s get another bottle, we deserve a treat.”

The language that we use around alcohol is really important. 

When you’re describing booze as a treat, you’re making it very special and irresistible.

Let’s get clear on what alcohol really is.

Key points:

What is a treat?

In other areas of life, a treat tends to refer to a high quality experience. E.g. going to fancy restaurants or the luxury of having some time to yourself. Alcohol can’t be a true treat – it’s a cheap, mass market drug that’s linked to cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes and death. 


“I’m going to trick myself tonight…”

Replace the word treat with the word trick because that’s exactly what alcohol is. Just think of all the different things we expect alcohol to do: make us happier, more sociable, help us relax, rev up, calm down, be more assertive, creative, braver, sleepier. No drug can do all those things.


Look after yourself properly

Treat yourself to a night off from alcohol and its games. Treat yourself to a new book, a long bath, or date night at your favourite restaurant. Maybe a treat for you is half an hour reading a magazine in peace. Proper treats won’t make you feel like crap afterwards. 


So… trick or treat?

What choice will you make this Halloween? For help and support to quit drinking, check out my online course here.


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