When I was trying (and failing) to quit drinking, I spent a lot of time romanticising alcohol.

I’d mentally replay all the good moments I’d had whilst drinking.

I’d torture myself with thoughts of all the things I was going to miss.

I talked about sobriety as if it was a punishment for bad behaviour… and then wondered why it was hard to quit!

If you’re guilty of romanticising booze, this video will help you change that:

Key points

A common mistake

We often talk about booze as if it’s the best lover we ever had. We romanticise alcohol – even when we’re trying not to drink it, thinking about the good times we had together, the things we’re going to miss and how hard sobriety is. 


Why changing your thinking matters

If you’ve ever met someone who’s several years sober but still craves a drink (I’m thinking of the people I met in AA) then you know they haven’t done this mindset work. We’re conditioned to view booze positively, but we can change this pattern of thinking. 


Romanticising sobriety 

If you’re going to romanticise alcohol, you need to romanticise sobriety too! Let’s give equal air time to the benefits of alcohol free living. We’re not denying your feelings about alcohol – we’re just turning up the volume on thoughts that might actually help you.


Journal prompts

If you’re not sure how to get started with this, here are the journal prompts I mentioned in the video.

Q – How does a hangover free Sunday compare to a hungover one?
Q – Who else in your life benefits from you being alcohol free?
Q – What everyday situations are easier when you’re not drinking?
Q – What are the tiny, subtle benefits to you being sober, that perhaps only you would notice?
Q – Describe one of your best alcohol free moments so far
Q – How much time does drinking and recovering take each day? Multiply that by 100 days. What would you love to do with that extra time?
Q – How might you feel if you set an alcohol free goal for yourself and reached it?

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