I used to be an expert at sabotaging my own sobriety. A real ‘specialist’. 

I spent years mastering the art of NOT quitting drinking 🤦‍♀️

I thought it might be helpful for me to share some of my, ahem, ‘pro tips’ in today’s blog.

That way you can make sure you’re not repeating my mistakes…

10 Ways To Sabotage Your Sobriety:

1. Set an unrealistic goal, like quitting ‘forever’. This is nice and overwhelming

2. Decide that stopping drinking isn’t enough – you’re also going to put yourself on a strict diet too. (More overwhelm!)

3. Buy books about sobriety, but don’t actually read them properly. Skim read a few chapters and look for all the ways your drinking is different.

4. Do not spend any time planning ahead for wine o’clock or working out some alternative coping mechanisms. Just cross your fingers instead.

5. Spend some time romanticising alcohol and thinking about how you’ll never, ever have fun again.

6. Crowdsource opinions on your drinking from friends who love booze.

7. Google the health benefits of drinking wine. You’re sure there are some… (there are not).

8. Decide that sobriety is too drastic and that moderation will probably work this time.

9. Realise that moderation still doesn’t work.

10. Convince yourself that you’re a hopeless case because you still have no idea how to stop drinking and make sobriety stick.

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