Travel and drinking used to go hand in hand for me. 

It didn’t matter whether I was going on a weekend break, a camping trip or lying by a pool somewhere – I couldn’t imagine not drinking.

Without booze, I was sure I’d miss out on having a good time. Can you relate?

If you’re trying to decide whether to drink during your next trip, I have 3 questions for you to answer first:

Question 1: What didn’t you like about drinking during your last trip?

Write this out so you can see it in black and white. Your brain wants to keep you in your comfort zone, doing what is familiar to you, so it’s going to want to amplify the good, boozy moments and forget about the upsetting bits.

Perhaps you hate waking up with a hangover when it’s hot and sunny. Maybe you’re irritable with your kids or struggle to run around after them. Perhaps your last romantic getaway is a bit of a blur and you can’t really remember your ‘quality time’ together. 


Question 2: Who will benefit from you being alcohol free during this trip? 

Let’s start with you. If you don’t drink, you will come home feeling rested and clear headed. (You won’t need another holiday to recover from the first one!) How else will sobriety influence the things you do and the way you feel?  

Who else will benefit? Perhaps you know that you show up for your kids better when you’re alcohol free. You’re more present with them, more patient, more fun. The same goes for your partner – how does your drinking affect your relationship? 


Question 3: Are you willing to take a chance and experiment with something different?

You already know what happens when you drink. You’ve already had that experience. If you’ve answered the questions above and think drinking is still totally worth it, then great – you have your answer. There’s no need to do anything different.

However, if you didn’t love the results you got last time, why not experiment? This isn’t going to be your last ever trip away – you can always go back to drinking next time. If you take the risk of doing something different, you might be amazed at what you discover. 


If you’d like some help and support to quit drinking, click here for details of my online course.

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