Alcohol seems to be everywhere at this time of year. 

When booze is piled high in shops and flowing freely at Christmas parties, it’s easy to feel as if you’re missing out.

If you’re tempted to drink, there are four things to remember as we head into the coming weeks…

I explain them all in this video:

Alcohol is not magic joy juice

It’s not fun in a bottle, it is not liquid happiness. Alcohol does not have the power to transform a boring or bad situation into a good one. How do we know that? Because of all the times when you’ve drunk loads and you haven’t had a good time. 


If you want the festive season to be memorable, you’ve got to be sober for it

If you want to create magic moments and make special memories, don’t drink something that makes you mentally absent. The last thing you want is a hangover interfering with your plans, making you so ill you wish the hours away.


Sobriety is worth the awkwardness!

Yes, it can feel uncomfortable to turn down the offer of an alcoholic drink or have people asking questions. But that discomfort is relatively short-lived. It’s nothing compared to the weeks of discomfort that you’ll go through if you drink and break a promise to yourself. 


Alcohol doesn’t fix your problems – it keeps you stuck with them

At this time of year, we often become more aware of what we don’t have. It’s tempting to paper over the cracks with alcohol, but that’s also a trap. When you’re drinking, you’re less likely to take action and more likely to decide you’re unable to change. 


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