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4 Reminders You Might Need At This Time Of Year

Alcohol seems to be everywhere at this time of year. 

When booze is piled high in shops and flowing freely at Christmas parties, it’s easy to feel as if you’re missing out.
If you’re tempted to drink, there are four things to remember as we head into the coming weeks…
I explain them all in this video:

Alcohol is not magic joy juice

It’s not fun in a bottle, it is not liquid happiness. Alcohol does not have the power to transform a boring or bad situation into a good one. How do we know that? Because of all the times when you’ve drunk loads and you haven’t had a good time. 

If you want the festive season to be memorable, you’ve got to be sober for it

If you want to create magic moments and make special memories, don’t drink something that makes you mentally absent. The last thing you want is a hangover interfering with your plans, making you so ill you wish the hours away.

Sobriety is worth the awkwardness!

Yes, it can feel uncomfortable to turn down the offer of an alcoholic drink or have people asking questions. But that discomfort is relatively short-lived. It’s nothing compared to the weeks of discomfort that you’ll go through if you drink and break a promise to yourself. 

Alcohol doesn’t fix your problems – it keeps you stuck with them

At this time of year, we often become more aware of what we don’t have. It’s tempting to paper over the cracks with alcohol, but that’s also a trap. When you’re drinking, you’re less likely to take action and more likely to decide you’re unable to change. 
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Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. Very good reminders on the benefits of being AF. I really need to incorporate Sobriety Is Worth The Awkwardness. For some crazy reason, I feel like I will disappoint others if I don’t drink. Need to not disappoint myself by not drinking.

    1. Thank you for this! I’d expand number 3 a bit. I’m starting to anticipate the comfort of xmassy alcohol flavours and I’m using mental imagery of headaches, puffy face, fuzzy brain to counteract it.

    2. I love the analogy of turning the lights off so you don’t see the mess. That is so true with alcohol. As a graduate from the Oct. 2020 course, I’m super excited to welcome in my second holiday season a.f. I’ve never felt better than I do now. The Sober School was life changing for me. Thank you again Kate and Happy Holidays.

  2. Thanks Kate! Great tips and reminders of the reality of indulging. Alcohol doesn’t make the holiday season, we do. Spending time with family and friends without a substance numbing you!

  3. Thank you Kate – I needed to hear this today! I’m coming up to a year sober and all of a sudden questioning my decision, and feeling like I’m missing out.
    It’s scary how we can be so swayed by advertsing and the glamour of alcohol that just isn’t true.
    Your videoa are always inspiring but this one just hit the spot today!

    1. Hang in there! I remember months 10 and 11 were particularly challenging for me. Once you get past a year, it seems to get much easier.

  4. Thanks Kate,
    Alcohol is not a magic joy juice and it does not fix your problems.
    I’ve stayed sober since doing your April course this year and have definitely worked out that more often than not alcohol didn’t cheer me up, it did the opposite and my attempts to fix my problems late at night when full of wine …did just make everything 10 times worse. And often times meant I couldn’t look people in the eye for fear of what I might or might not have said …eek
    Great reminders thanks.
    Have a good festive season yourself.

  5. I am almost a year alcohol-free and it has been a year full of many wonderful discoveries and for the first time, in a long time, complete trust in myself. I was in an airport lounge the other day and texted my sister (who is on this journey herself!) that the wine witch was screaming in my ear about the free wine available. I wasn’t really tempted and was more taking note in an observational way that normally I would have been thrilled with that possibility! My sister had the perfect response, reminding me that it is, in fact, NEVER free — there’s always a price to be paid. If you are considering leaving alcohol behind, let me assure you that you cannot even imagine the growth you’ll find all through the various area of your life because it is just not possible with that substance coursing through your body. It has to be gone before you can experience the relief. Do it. Give yourself this gift. You are worth it. And if you don’t think so, who will?

    1. I agree with you alcohol is not free. We pay with our emotional and physical health. My body and my brain work so much better without toxins. I think you’re right too that it holds you back in many areas of life. And sometimes that isn’t obvious overnight but I can see it now.

  6. For me reminders 2 and 4 really resonates with me it really hit home and touched a nerve i really want to control my drinking as ive felt its taken over my life for a while now. Im so glad i came across this course and look forward to sticking with it it really is helping me x

  7. I needed this today. After 18 months sober, I am suddenly feeling a bit of an urge to have a drink. A beautiful glass of wine is so romanticized, especially this time of year, and so many people close to me still drink, so it has been very hard to stay sober. Having been under some extra stress lately, it was a good reminder that alcohol is not a magic joy juice and that it will only temporarily paper over the cracks. I need to stay sober to be able to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  8. Being alcohol free is less awkward than not knowing what you did last night at the office party.
    Kate, thanks for all you do. I look forward to your emails and videos every week.
    I’ve been alcohol free for many years now.
    But along the way, I’ve had some awkward moments being inside institutions – not of my own choosing.
    Kate and team, you are doing a great work. Thank you…
    Everything you say is spot on…

  9. I bought 6 bottles of wine for my children coming over for Christmas lunch. it was torture knowing that wine was there I opened a bottle because I put my Christmas tree up yesterday and that’s what I did last year had a drink.The rest of the evening was a blur and I felt like shit today

  10. Thank you for them really helpful tips really trying to stay Sober this Christmas for my kids and loved ones.

  11. Certainly in my country, the drinking culture is huge and the pressure is high. People go out to get drunk. I went out with some women last Saturday. I usually don’t go out with them because they are always heavy drinking and they seem to be able to drink and drink, wine, gin, cocktails, shots …. the lot. I can’t and all I got was deeply hung over and I can’t remember the last hour of it. And since then I’ve gone through all the regrets and shame and also a bit of resentment of the way socialising works here. I am enrolling in the next course. I want to be a non drinker.

  12. Thanks for this post. I’m dealing with grief this year: the loss of my dad. You’re so right — your problems don’t go away. I know this will be a difficult holiday this year in particular since I will be missing him. I know if I drink it just magnifies all of the negative feelings. I want to focus on what’s good about my life, my family and friends. And it’s much easier to do when I’m healthy and not drinking a depressant! I’ve stocked up on all kinds of sparkling apple and cranberry juices, and I’ve really grown to like them! It’s truly magnificent to wake up without a hangover and full of energy. Thank you. I agree the holidays are better without

  13. A really great pep talk about festive pressure to drink. It’s just everywhere you look at this time of year and glorified way beyond what it actually offers you in the long run. I’m going to enjoy being sober this Christmas and enjoy it properly but more importantly, remember the time I have with people I love.

  14. Hi Kate , I’m with Anne it’s so great waking up fresh and ready for the day . What you said about it being dark and turning the lights out on a untidy room it’s so true !! I’ve ordered some alcohol free ciders for Xmas and New Year’s Eve also I have lots of nice juices I’m now 5 weeks alcohol free and feel great no desire to drink again life is better already my kids much happier and I feel like a better person !!

  15. I’m loving the power it’s giving me being af .having control of my own thoughts, not clouded ones .the email and pep talks are an amazing comfort.

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