If you’ve been thinking about your relationship with alcohol for a while, the chances are you’ve heard about ‘hitting rock bottom.’ 

This is the low point that drinkers apparently need to sink to before they feel ready to quit for good.

Personally, I think rock bottom is an unhelpful myth.

In this video I explain why I decided to quit before things got really bad – and why you might want to do the same.

Key points:

Why I quit drinking

My drinking worried me – I’d noticed that I liked drinking alone (at home) the most. I seemed to be on a runaway train that was slowly gaining speed as I drank more often and crossed more boundaries. But there was no big crash or rock bottom moment.


Why it suits us to believe in rock bottom

Culturally, we have this idea that you need to be falling down and losing everything before you can address your relationship with booze. You’re either a ‘normal drinker’ or a raging alcoholic. And as long as it’s not the latter, you’re fine… right? You don’t need to change.


Quitting drinking in the grey zone

There is a grey zone between the extremes of ‘rock bottom alcoholic’ and “everything is absolutely fine!” In all other areas of life – from our weight to our finances and our relationships – we don’t wait until things reach rock bottom before taking action. 


How to know if it’s time to change

If you’re frequently drinking more than you intend to and it’s making you unhappy, that’s a sign. If you’re worried about your drinking or suspect it’s holding you back from living your best life, then that’s more than enough to begin. 


How to get started

Commit to taking a proper break from booze – for a couple of months – as an experiment. You don’t have to make any long term decisions. A decent break means you’ll find out what sobriety is really all about, get past the awkward early weeks and on to the good bit of alcohol free living! You want to experience that before making any decisions. 

If you’d love some help and support to quit drinking or take a break from booze, click here for details of my online course.


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