How long have you been worrying about your drinking? 

Can you remember the first time you thought, “Ok, perhaps I should do something about this?”

It might be further back than you think. 

This kind of information is really important, but we’re very good at misremembering it.

In fact, I recently discovered I’d been getting this wrong too…

Key points:

Why we get this wrong

When it comes to alcohol, our brain wants to tell us that our drinking isn’t really that big of a deal. We want to believe that it’s not bad enough for us to stop; that it’s not the right time yet. That way, we don’t need to change or take any action.


Why this matters

If you’ve been quietly worrying about your drinking for months – or years – you will have lost hours thinking about it. You’ll have spent days beating yourself up and wondering if you should change. That matters. The cumulative effect of that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Getting the date right

Look for evidence – when was the first time you took a small step to tackling your drinking? Perhaps you bought a book about alcohol free living. Can you work out when and where? If you follow my blog, how long have you been receiving my emails for? Is it longer than you think?


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