I get a lot of emails from people who want to know if they’re drinking too much.

They’re counting units and adding up glasses…

They’re worried but also confused (doesn’t everyone drink more than you should?) 

So exactly how much is too much? Well, I think it doesn’t really matter.

There’s something else that’s actually much more important… and I explain all about it in this week’s video.

Key points

A false sense of security

When you’re laser-focused on quantities, you can always find someone else who’s drinking more than you. It’s easy to find books or blogs about heavy drinkers and convince yourself that you aren’t ‘that bad’. 


How much you drink might vary a lot

The chances are that your drinking changes day by day. Sometimes you might have a lot and feel ok; other times you might have less, but still wake up with regrets. How do you decide what an ‘average’ night is?


Sobriety isn’t a last resort

By focusing on how much you drink, the implication is that sobriety is only necessary for people who are ‘bad enough’ or have crossed a certain line. That’s not the case. You don’t need to be anywhere near rock bottom in order to decide that you’re going to change.


Focus on how you feel instead

Keep a diary, so you have a record of your mood and general wellbeing when you’re drinking. Look for patterns. This is the information that will tell you whether or not alcohol deserves a place in your one and only life. 


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