“I’m so lonely, I end up drinking wine whilst I watch TV in the evenings.”

I spotted this comment on one of my blog posts recently.

It resonated with me because there was a time in my life when I was doing the same thing.

There’s a stigma around both loneliness and drinking too much. 

When alcohol seems to soothe those lonely feelings, how can you possibly quit drinking? 

That’s exactly what I’m talking about in this video.

Key points

The alcohol and loneliness trap

It can feel as if drinking helps with loneliness. It seems to provide some comfort, distraction and numbness. But alcohol is a false friend. It never truly makes your lonely feelings go away. It doesn’t solve or fix them. It’s just helping you look the other way for a moment.


Drinking makes loneliness worse

When we’re hungover and weighed down by alcohol, we’re highly unlikely to feel motivated enough to take constructive action. Alcohol makes anxiety and depression worse, so the thought of trying new things or reaching out to others can feel even harder than it really is.


Why it’s ok to feel lonely

A feeling often has something to tell you. It’s like a warning light on your car dashboard – it’s giving you information. The solution isn’t to cover up the warning light so you can’t see it. What’s the worst that’s going to happen if you sit with loneliness and let it be felt? 


And remember…

You might find that a certain feeling is not as bad as you think it is, once you just let it be there and be felt. But if you do crave some escapism, there are many ways to switch off without alcohol that won’t leave you suffering afterwards. 


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