Quick question for you… 

Why do you want to quit drinking or take a break from booze? 

What’s motivating you to do this – or consider it?

You can probably give me a couple of reasons off the top of your head.

But I wonder if there are some other motivators that you haven’t even considered yet?

This week’s video is all about finding your why.

Key points

Finding your why helps you pause

A good why slows you down a bit. It creates a pause before you do something on autopilot. Finding your why won’t magically stop you from drinking, but it opens up a moment for you to think about whether you want to do what you’ve always done – and get the same results – or whether you want to try something different.


You can have more than one why

The idea that you need one momentous, noble and powerful why is a myth. We’re in different moods on different days, so you want to mix and match your whys to fit the needs of the moment. You’re entitled to have reasons for quitting drinking that are very personal and that aren’t particularly deep and meaningful.


Keep things positive

If your whys are painful to hear, you need to ditch them or reword them. “I want to quit because I’m tired of being such a constant disappointment to everyone” is not a good why. We don’t want to be coming up with whys that make us feel terrible – you cannot self-loathe your way into successful sobriety.


Dig a bit deeper

Using the 5 whys technique can help you uncover a why that really resonates. It starts with you asking yourself,  “Why do I want to quit drinking?” and answering, “So I can…” Repeat this five times. For example:

– Why do I want to quit drinking? So I can wake up without a hangover.

– Why do I want to wake up without a hangover? So I can start the day feeling good and feeling rested.

– Why do I want to start the day feeling good and feeling rested? So I can feel more confident at work.

– Why do I want to feel more confident at work? So I can feel respected when I’m talking in meetings.

– Why do I want to feel respected when I’m talking in meetings? So I can start speaking up more and going after what I really want.

I’d love to hear what you uncover – let me know one of your whys in the comments below.


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