There are many things to love about being alcohol-free.

Waking up without a hangover. Having more energy. Less anxiety. Looking better. Feeling proud of yourself.

Those are some of the big benefits. But sometimes, the little things matter just as much. 

I’m talking about the super specific stuff here – the mini moments that perhaps only you would notice. 

This video is all about the little things that make sobriety awesome:

Key points

The little things are the big things

It was Kurt Vonnegut who said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.” 

Getting up early enough to have a few moments with your partner – or driving to work feeling ready for the day – might sound like little things. But the cumulative effect of these positive, small moments is huge.


Start a list

Put a reminder on your phone to prompt you to write down one thing every day that you love about being alcohol-free. Just one thing. It can be as small or as silly as you like. 

If you take a break from drinking for 6 weeks (which is what I recommend) then by the end, you’ll have 42 things on your list. That is very useful data to have when it comes to deciding what to do next.


If you’re not ready to take a break

Here’s what I suggest: on the days you don’t drink, add something to your list of little things you love about being alcohol-free. But when you do drink, write down – on a separate list – what you love about it.

Sometimes it can feel as if sobriety means giving up so much. But you might be surprised by just how little ends up on your “what I love about alcohol” list. With time, you might see that booze isn’t the only way to get that particular benefit. 

If you joined my stop drinking class with a very specific list of things you love about booze, you’d be way ahead of the game – and we could quickly get to work on tackling those beliefs. My next class starts in July, so you have time to prepare!

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