“I’m so happy Mum quit drinking.”

Is there someone in your life who’d benefit from you ditching alcohol?

It’s a question I often ask the women I work with. For many, their answer is: “My kids.”

So I thought it was about time we heard from these children.

I asked them how they feel about their Mum’s sobriety… and their responses are SO powerful. 

But don’t just take my word for it.

You can hear from them directly in this video.

Key points

– Parenting is hard, but it’s even harder with a hangover. It makes you more tired, more stressed and less patient. Plus, being in a hungover daze dulls many of the good bits of bringing up kids, so it’s a lose lose situation.

– This video is about the subtler side effects of drinking on children. If you’re the type of person who powers through a hangover and never misses a deadline, it’s easy to assume that no one else is affected by your drinking.

– Whether you’re a Mum or not, there will be people in your life who’d really benefit from you being alcohol free. Reflecting on this can provide some powerful motivation to make change happen.


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