When I was drinking, I would often manage to ‘be good’ during the week.

Staying sober from Monday to Thursday was pretty doable (most of the time). But not drinking at the weekend? That seemed impossible. 

The thought of being sober on a Friday and Saturday night felt so hard.

If your sobriety comes unstuck every weekend, this video is for you.

Key points

Notice your thoughts

Our thoughts influence how we feel and then how we feel determines what we do (our actions). But it all starts with our thoughts. Notice how repeating the thought, “not drinking at the weekend is so hard” makes you feel. It’s not a great mantra!


Your brain’s filter

When you think the weekends are hard, your brain will subconsciously look for evidence that backs up your thinking and will filter out evidence that contradicts this. This is all thanks to a part of the brain called the reticular activating system. 


Focus on a different thought

Here are some more helpful thoughts: “Weekends can be hard AND there are things that can be easy about them.” “Even during the toughest weekends there are easy moments.” “Hangover-free weekends are a lifestyle upgrade.” “Not drinking at the weekend is so simple.”


Prepare now

When you focus on more positive thoughts, your brain can start showing you a different side of the story. Start a list now of all the ways in which not drinking at the weekend is going to make life easier and better. Start talking sobriety up for once!


Do you want to stop drinking and actually feel good about it? Create an alcohol-free life you love with my Getting Unstuck course – you can find more details here.


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