Many people want to numb out these days.

We’re living in difficult times – and when things are tough it can be tempting to drink more, just to get a break at the end of the day.

You crave that numbness. That feeling of turning off the world. 

So… let’s talk about it.

This video is all about how to deal with the urge to numb out and escape. 

Key points

You’re not really numb

If you’ve ever got drunk and still felt really sad, happy or angry, you’ll know that alcohol is not actually that great at numbing your emotions. You can still feel them, right? Alcohol is an unreliable numbing agent, to say the least. 


What actually happens

Even when alcohol does help to facilitate some numbness – or it acts as a bit of a distraction – all that really happens is you shuffle your problems along by a few hours. Things never feel easier at 4am when you’re tired and hungover, yet unable to sleep.


Choose better quality problems

Here’s the thing: you can choose to sit with a craving to numb out and deal with the discomfort of that. Or you can choose the discomfort of being hungover, tired and anxious. Sobriety will get easier with time, but drinking won’t. So which problem would you rather have?


Healthy escapism

Numbness is really just escapism, and there are many ways to get that without drinking. Binge watch Netflix, go out for a walk, dance, read or do something else that’s completely absorbing and distracting. 


A radical idea

As a drinker, it didn’t occur to me that I could just sit with difficult emotions and feel them. We’ve been taught to run from pain and numb it at all costs. But really, it’s just part of life. We can sit with difficult emotions. They pass quicker when we let ourselves feel them.


If you’d like some help and support to create an alcohol-free life you love, click here for details of my online course.

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