The thought of quitting drinking used to make me feel so deprived. 

Getting sober felt like signing up to a lifetime of missing out…

… And the more I thought about it, the worse it seemed.

So how do you feel good about giving up booze if you’re feeling deprived?

I wanted to share how I changed my thinking about this – and what you can do the next time these thoughts come up. 

I explain all in this video.

Key points

Why it’s important to tackle the “I’m so deprived” thought

If you practice this as a mantra, your brain will quickly decide that this quitting drinking thing is much too hard. You will either give up on sobriety, or – if you do manage to keep going – it will feel pretty miserable. 


Deprivation vs restriction

Restriction is something we do all the time without realising – it’s a form of self care. We restrict ourselves to just one partner. We restrict ourselves from eating cake for breakfast or staying in bed when we should be at work. Restriction helps us get the life and results we want.


Feeling deprived is your choice

Consider this: you are never really being ‘deprived’ of alcohol. You can always choose to drink if you want to. No one is forcing you to stop – you’re here by choice. You’re choosing to restrict yourself from drinking, in order to have a better quality of life.


Remember what true deprivation is

True deprivation is you continuing to drink over every uncomfortable emotion and never figuring out how to manage your life without alcohol. It’s you being deprived of the life you deserve, because you’re too hungover to follow through on your promises. Now that is true deprivation.


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