Gemma's Story

“Sobriety helped me lose weight and lose my anxiety – I’m a completely different person now, I was so stressed before.”

Gemma took the Getting Unstuck course in January 2020 and sobriety has transformed the way she feels about herself. Since quitting drinking, she’s lost four stone and gained a zest for life that she didn’t have before.

Gemma Says:

When I look back at pictures of me drinking now, you can see my eyes were dead. I resented everybody and everything and I saw the negative in everything. I was just so unhappy. I was stressed and trying to do everything for everyone, but never doing anything for me. I thought the only thing I had for me was my wine.

I’m so glad my two youngest will never see that version of me. I’ve lost four stone since I quit drinking and I don’t suffer from anxiety anymore.

Obviously I still have my days where I’m feeling flat and stuff like that. But the difference is that now I know it’s going to come to an end in a couple of days. Whereas before, that’s just how I was feeling all the time.

I never slept well before, whereas now I know that I’m gonna have a nice sleep every night. I’ll get up now at six in the morning and do some Reiki or a bit of meditation. I never would have entertained the idea of anything like that before!

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