Do you genuinely like the feeling of being drunk? 

I know it seems a strange thing to ask. 

Back in my drinking days, I would’ve rolled my eyes at this. Of course I liked it!

But to be honest, I never stopped to think about the physical sensation of getting drunk.

And when you really analyse it… well, it’s quite a strange thing.

That’s what this video is all about:

Key points

Step into someone else’s shoes

When we’re analysing the feeling of being drunk, it helps to think about someone who never normally drinks. Picture a teetotal friend, child or young adult. What would their experience be, if they were tricked into consuming alcohol? 

Perhaps you can remember your first ever drink. What was that like? Personally I didn’t like it. The room began spin and I felt awful. It wasn’t very relaxing or fun.


Stick to the facts

Drop any romantic language and nail down the facts. When you feel drunk you tend to get a bit dizzy and lightheaded. You might feel slow and out of control. Your vision, speech and coordination may change.

If you had to take some medication and the side effects included an inability to think clearly, speak articulately or control your actions – and the risk of vomiting, heart disease and cancer – you’d probably be reluctant to use it!


Why do we romanticise being drunk?

Alcohol is the most normalised and glamorised drug on the planet. We grow up watching the adults around us drink. We’re brainwashed into thinking booze is a good thing before we’re even old enough to have our first glass.

The language we use to describe alcohol use is very positive as well. When we reference other drugs, we talk about getting a fix, getting high or using. But with booze we’re just ‘getting tipsy’ or ‘feeling a bit merry’. 


The good news…

If we can convince ourselves that using alcohol is fun – despite it being a toxic, cancer causing substance that makes us feel ill – then we can talk ourselves into quitting too. 

If we can believe that it’s fun to be zombified, then we can use that same brain power to get excited about sobriety too. We can start telling ourselves a better, sexier story about living alcohol free and showing up for our one and only life.


If you need any help to quit drinking and feel good about alcohol free living, you can join the waitlist for my next class here.

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