Before I quit drinking, I had a hundred “What if?” questions. 

What if I try to stop and can’t? What if my sobriety makes other people uncomfortable? What if they assume I’m an alcoholic? What if I never have fun again?!

I didn’t know it at the time, but my “What if…” questions were keeping me stuck. 

I was worrying about problems that hadn’t actually happened yet.

If you’ve caught yourself doing the same thing, today’s video will help:

Key points

The problem with “what if” questions

Your brain is trying to solve fictional problems – things that haven’t actually happened yet. However, by dwelling on this stuff, they can start to feel very real and overwhelming. It’s easy to reach a point where you’re not sure you even want to try any more.


What if the worst doesn’t happen? 

This is the first thing to consider. So often your greatest fears don’t come true. When alcohol is a big deal to you, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re capable of. You forget that other people might react in a much more reasonable way than you’re anticipating. 


Stay present

If you’re unhappy with your drinking right now – and you’re curious about what your life would be like if you took a proper break from booze – then that’s what should be informing your actions. That’s more important than something that hasn’t happened yet. 


What if the worst does happen and it’s all ok? 

Right now, you’re trying to find solutions to problems that haven’t yet happened, based on how you feel and what you know right now. But what if quitting drinking leads you to change and grow as a person? That version of you can probably figure out how to manage some of these worst case scenarios!

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