It’s the last day of the month!

Whether you found Dry January hard or easy, there are a few common thoughts that tend to pop up at this point:

“If I can take a month off, does that mean I don’t have a problem?”
“Will I be able to control my drinking better now?”
“I miss the taste of wine.”
“At least I can get my life back and have some fun now”
“I couldn’t stick to Dry January, I’m such a failure.”

If you’ve been thinking any of the above, this video will help you untangle some of those thoughts and move forward with intention (no matter what your plans are).

Key points:

One month off doesn’t mean very much 

Most of us can do something we don’t want to do for a month, if we really put our minds to it (or have a point to prove). If you’re going to drink again, set a reminder on your phone for the 28th February, so you can see how you’re feeling about your drinking after a few weeks have passed.


Dry January won’t have ‘reset’ you

After a month off, your tolerance to alcohol will be lower, so you won’t need as much in order to feel the effects. This can initially make it seem as if you’re ‘controlling’ your intake better, but you aren’t really. Your tolerance will build back up again.


Do you really miss the taste?

Most of us had to work to acquire our taste for alcohol, which means we also lose our taste for it over time. Don’t be surprised if your favourite wine seems different now. If you’re disappointed by the taste – but decide to force it down anyway – take note of that. 


Sobriety isn’t about putting your life on hold

Many people get through Dry January by staying at home and avoiding anything fun. That’s a pretty boring and unsustainable way to live in the long term. Why not make February the month where you experiment a bit more?


You’re not a failure if Dry January went wrong

I crashed out of Dry January in 2013 – I just couldn’t do it. But in April 2013 I tried again and I’ve never gone back to booze since. If you’ve struggled this month, the best thing you can do is explore why. Learn from it and work out what you might need some help with. 


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