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My Biggest Takeaway From 5 Years Of Sobriety

I normally blog on a Monday, but today is an extra special day – I am celebrating 5 years of alcohol-free living!

It has gone sooooo fast.
I’ll always be grateful to that curious, little part of me that wondered if taking a break from booze might just be a good idea.
Initially, I set out to quit for 100 days. I promised myself that if it was boring, or miserable, or a bit too much like hard work, then I’d go back to drinking after my break – safe in the knowledge that I had at least given sobriety a proper test drive.
Back then, I had no idea that I’d fall in love with this alcohol-free lifestyle and decide to keep going… and going… and going!
Nowadays, you couldn’t pay me enough to drink alcohol. I just don’t want or need that poison in my life! 🙅☠
I’ve learnt so much over the past five years, but there’s one thing in particular that really stands out.
I was thinking about this as I was out walking this morning, so I decided to record a quick video all about my biggest takeaway from 5 years of sober living.
(It’s a bit rough and ready, but you’ll get the gist!)

P.S. If you’ve been thinking about quitting drinking or taking a break – and you’d like my help to make that happen – it’s not too late to join my stop drinking course, Getting Unstuck

It’s a six week class that will guide you, day by day, through everything you need to do in order to create an alcohol-free life you love.
The April class starts on Monday 9th and registration closes on Sunday at midnight. Click here for more details

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


83 Responses

  1. Spot on. “Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised.” Love you Kate! Thanks for all your help in setting me on the right path. Happy 5th soberversary.

    1. Alcohol free for one month! Feeling a lot of emotions learning to cope in new and different ways! I’m sticking to it! I want to ensure that Sobriety will bring me everything alcohol promised but never ever delivered!

  2. Wow, 5 years! Congratulations Kate and thank you for inspiring me. It has taken a long time for me to realise that drinking isn’t going to give me what I’m looking for. Feel as if I might finally be ready to change .

  3. Congratulations Kate! Everything you said rings true. Your course was life changing for me and I just wanted you to know how smart, wonderful and special I think you are. Have a wonderful 5 year celebration! xoxox Sally

  4. Well done! 5 yeas is amazing. Your website really helped me when I first stopped drinking and I have been stopped now for two years. Keep up the great work!

  5. Congrats Kate! You truly are an inspiration. I know one thing I used to stress about, was if my coworkers could smell alcohol on me, from drinking the night before. No worrying anymore! Those days are long gone. Thanks for all you do, and enjoy your special day .

  6. Congratulations Kate!! Am very inspired by you and looking forward to starting on your course on Monday xx

  7. Hi Kate and congratulations. I’m so happy you did that 5 years ago because look at how many lives you’ve changed in that time…you’ve certainly changed mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve given me my life back. Enjoy your cake.

    Congrats on this milestone. I’m countimg down to my two years AF. Like you was only a temporary thing but once you start being sober is addictive. Enjoy your cake and tea!

  9. Congratulations, Kate! I agree with every word, every day AF is just better and better. I am on day 95, and feeling so good about it. I hope you enjoyed your cake! Much love!

  10. Congratulations, Kate!! I did your course last July and I am still alcohol-free, and so proud of myself! Thank you so much for what you do. Enjoy your tea and cake! Xx

  11. Congratulations Kate! Fantastic achievement. So inspiring. Next week I celebrate my 100 days. I’m loving it! Doing so many things like starting a cut flower garden which I never ever would have done or even thought of doing in my drinking cycle. Thank you. All the best Polly x

  12. Amazing Kate! You’re an inspiration! I’m alcohol free since last November in big part thanks to your blog. My life is so much better. I’m happier, healthier and achieving new and wonderful things for me! XxX

    1. Congratulations on your sobriety nana – wishing you many more alcohol free days ahead! They’re the best 🙂

  13. Happy anniversary! I’m so looking forward to starting the course on Monday. Thanks Kate and have a great weekend.

  14. Congratulations, and thanks for giving me your inspiration. I’m not “there” yet, darnit, but decided this morning to start day 1 today. I had 10 straight days, then spent the last four evenings getting s-faced. Every day has gotten progressively worse with the dread feeling, and anxiety bordering on panic. You know what? Since this is my day one, I might just see if I can follow your footsteps, maybe there’s something lucky about this date.

    1. I know a couple of other people who started on the 6th April, or a day or two either side of that. So yes… I think it’s a good time. Go for it Diana 🙂

  15. It’s inspiring to watch your video, and to see so many others starting the course on Monday. I am as well and am looking forward to it!!!

  16. Kate, your words are spot on, and I use that phrase often. Sobriety delivered me EVERYTHING I always looked for in drinking. I’m stronger, happier, sleep better, less stressed and most importantly not a slave to it any longer. That monkey is off my back and I’m free! Thank you gorgeous lady and enjoy your celebration you so deserve it not just for what you’ve done in your own life but for the courage to share that and subsequently help thousands of women around the globe. You’re a legend! I’m around 3 months AF, but I don’t really count as this is my life now, my wonderful new life. Much Love Em xxx

    1. Thanks Emily, I really appreciate your lovely comment. Huge congratulations on your 3 months – it sounds as if sobriety suits you. Here’s to many more amazing, alcohol-free days ahead!

  17. Congratulations Kate! Thank you for your wisdom and approach to living AF! Joining the course started my journey and was the best thing I’ve done. I can’t thank you enough! I would love to give you a big hug someday! Keep on keeping on and sharing your love and ideas with people who want what you have found…Freedom!

  18. You are an inspiration. I began my 100 days by reading all the blogs on your site & here i am at day 76. I am so proud of myself & can’t believe the change in my face! Thank you for getting me off the couch at night & being a member of my family again! Happy 5 year’s to you xx

    1. It’s amazing what happens when you stop drinking, right? Well done on your 76 days Paula. It just keeps getting better from here!

  19. Kate, you are one of the best people to this world! I thank you for your course. I feel so much more human now. It is great to feel comfortable in my own skin.

    1. Here’s to feeling comfortable in your own skin – that is a very good way of putting it! Well done Jean 🙂

  20. Congratulations Kate! You are such an inspiration. I have been alcohol free for 9 months now and when a friend asked me how I feel I said that ‘when I don’t drink I feel like I’m winning at life’ and that moment of clarity has stuck with me ever since. Sobriety most definitely delivers what alcohol promises. I just cannot imagine going back. Hope you enjoyed your chocoate cake!

  21. Congratulations Kate and enjoy that cake!
    I’ve hit the 9 month mark thanks to your course and I couldn’t agree with the sentiment in your video more!!!
    Wishing us all many more AF days.

  22. Such an encouragement to see such positive comments and successes. Looking forward to the course this Monday.

  23. Congratulations Kate, you are amazing. 5 years, what a milestone. You’re trail blazing an AF life that is truly transformational. You’ve enabled me to reach 100 days this week and I don’t want to look back. Hope you enjoyed your cake and the awesome views.

    1. The cake was great thanks! Many congratulations on your 100 days Emma – that’s really great. I hope you’re proud of yourself! 🙂

  24. Congratulations Kate . I am 11/2 yrs sober . I found your blog when I was first sober. It has helped me greatly . So practical and true to real life . My biggest take away from this new life is that I have found my voice again . When drinking I was so afraid with my family to let on how much I had that I was silent . Afraid I would say stupid things and then not remember the next day . Sober I say what I feel . Sometimes silly sometimes wrong but it’s my truth. I won’t forget any of it . It’s a very powerful life changer . Thanks for your continued help . I really like you message .

  25. Congratulations, Kate! You’re an inspiration, and a serious truth-teller. I just celebrated two years (also with sweets, haha), and continue to celebrate life because I came across your story and class. Thank you!

    1. Awww, thanks Lisa, I really appreciate your message. I can’t believe it’s been two years since your course – keep on rocking this amazing alcohol-free life 🙂

  26. Congratulations Kate
    You are a guiding light. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I am going to be 100 days AF on 10 April thanks to you.

  27. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! It is so inspiring to see someone who gave up alcohol and GAINED a healthy, happy successful life with a entrepreneurial career that allows you to use your talents and creativity while helping others who struggle with this issue.
    I finally enjoy an alcohol-free life,and have finally gotten over that feeling I needed booze to have a social life. This didn’t happen overnight but it happened because of people like Kate, who’s message is that giving up booze is awesome, not a life sentence of drinking tap water in the corner while everyone else has a blast.
    Waking up from actual sleep, exercising,having the energy and drive to be creative and go forward in life (instead of just thinking about) it is what being AF can do.

  28. So happy for you as you celebrate your 5th anniversary! Kate, I am excited to begin your course tomorrow! I have worked for years at cutting down my alcohol consumption. I am starting this course to end drinking completely. I want a solid, AF life. I am tired of sitting on the fence. It is not working for me because even when I am almost entirely sober, I have this quiet voice in the back of my mind whispering I could have a disastrous night at any time. I have tried giving up alcohol before, but never with clear intention and focus! My journal is set, AF drinks are in the fridge and I am ready to go! Talk to you soon!

    1. Sounds like you’re really ready to do this Megan! I look forward to working with you – speak soon! 🙂

  29. Congratulations Kate! I did your course in January and have not had a drink sense. It was the right thing for me to do and saved me many years of conflict. I am very grateful, thank you.

    1. Thanks Sharon – I’m delighted to hear you’re still going strong! That’s fantastic news, well done 🙂

  30. Congrats Kate!! You are right. Sobriety give you a life! I plan on finishing my year and continuing on also. Everything is real. Thanks for all your help. You are a great role model. ❤️

  31. Five years alcohol-free is a truly awesome achievement Kate! Kudos to you on this momentous occasion!

  32. Congratulations on your 5 years Kate! Great video and such an inspiring message, thanks to you and your fantastic course I am now 9 months AF and loving life! Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Janice and huge congratulations on your 9 months – that’s just brilliant! I’m very pleased for you 🙂

  33. Kate, your original blog was one I found when I stopped drinking myself a few months after you in November 2013. It’s been fantastic to see all you’ve achieved in that time and you have helped so many people with The Sober School, as all these lovely comments prove. Well done! Prim xx

    1. Thank you Prim, it’s lovely to hear from you after all this time. I hope alcohol-free life is treating you well! xxx

  34. Congratulations Kate! I just found your site today. I signed up for the July/2018 classes. Today is my day 3! I’m happy to be 3 days in. See you in July!

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