Quitting drinking is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. 

Alcohol free living is amazing, but I can’t pretend it’s all been sunshine and rainbows…

There are some really annoying things that might happen when you stop.

I thought I’d talk about how I’ve handled this stuff, in case it happens to you too. 

Key points:

1. Some friendships may change

Most drinkers end up surrounding themselves with other drinkers. Your decision to quit might make your boozy buddies feel uncomfortable or self conscious about their habits. Remember that a true friend will want to spend time with you, no matter what’s in your glass. 


2. Some people will pressure you to drink

It can be hard when someone says, “Oh you’re not going to leave me drinking on my own, are you?” This kind of pressure is all about the other person – you’re not responsible for their feelings. Someone who is truly comfortable with their drinking won’t care what you’re doing. 


3. Some people will say stupid things

There’s a bit of a theme here: other people’s reactions say everything about them and nothing about you. When I first quit drinking, I wanted the ground to swallow me up whenever something like this happened. Nowadays I genuinely don’t care.


4. You might feel like an awkward teenager

After years of using alcohol to numb the edges of life, sobriety can leave you feeling as if you’re walking around naked. Remember that this discomfort is temporary. When you start showing up as you – and you discover that people still like you – it’s a massive confidence boost. 


5. You might not be catered for

When I first quit drinking, I seemed to go to so many events where there were just two drink options: red wine or white wine! I always remind myself that it is completely ridiculous for there not to be any other options. So don’t hold back when it comes to asking where the alcohol free drinks are. 



The challenges I’ve mentioned here are nothing compared to the horrors of drinking too much. If you’re strong enough to deal with horrible hangovers, you can totally handle this stuff. Sobriety is so, so worth it!


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