Do you keep promising yourself you’ll do something about your drinking – only it never seems like quite the right time?

Back when I was thinking about quitting (but not actually doing anything about it) my thoughts went like this:

– I’m too busy to figure this out right now
– I need to wait until that party / birthday / holiday is over
– I’m probably overreacting anyway…
– My friends won’t want me to quit
– I never stick at things like this, so what’s the point?

Those issues felt so real, genuine and true at the time, it was hard to see them for what they really were: excuses!

If you’re worried about your drinking – but you’re struggling to actually do anything about it – check out my video below. 

I’m sharing two tips to help you move forward and stick to your sober goals!



Make a list of all the reasons why you can’t tackle your drinking right now

Write down everything you can think of and take your time over this. Next, analyse whether these reasons are genuinely true or not.

For example, you might well feel too busy to tackle this right now, but just think about how much time you’re losing when you’re drunk or hungover and feeling sluggish. Alcohol is a massive time thief!

Imagine if you had to stop drinking because your life depended on it, or you were being paid to do it. Would you let your excuses hold you back? Or would you push yourself to find a way through?


Reframe discomfort

Change makes us feel uncomfortable. Trying new things and stepping into the unknown is tough, so it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone… right?

Wrong! Drinking might be what you know – and it might feel safe and familiar – but it’s also causing you quite a bit of discomfort right now. Hangovers, shame and regrets are NOT comfy or pleasant.

You are going to experience some discomfort if you stay stuck and carry on drinking. And you’re probably going to feel some discomfort if you take the leap and give sobriety a whirl.

So… if you’re going to be uncomfortable no matter what you do, why not take a risk and try something different? You might just stumble across a new way of living that makes you feel really good 🙂


Let me know…

What’s been holding you back from taking action? Is there an excuse you’re committed to letting go of? I’d love to hear about it 🙂


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