This summer feels like it’s going to be the first ‘normal’ one in ages.

Travel is back and holidays are on.

Whether you’re going away for a weekend or a few weeks, it can bring up the same question: “How do I do this… sober?!”

You might be curious, nervous or overwhelmed at the thought of an alcohol-free holiday.

So let me show you why it might be the best break you ever take. 

Key points

The best kind of upgrade

An alcohol-free holiday is better than travelling in business class and better than getting a big, fancy room with a sea view. None of those ‘upgrades’ matter if you’re a bit out of it and can’t really remember it later. Holidays are about memories and experiences… and alcohol interferes with all of that.


Can’t picture it? No problem

If you’ve always associated holidays with drinking, it makes sense that you’d rather do what you’ve always done. We can have compassion for our brain (which loves certainty and doing the same thing over and over) whilst still choosing to do something different.


Alcohol isn’t the secret to a good trip

Here’s what most people miss: holidays are relaxing in their own right. Reading on a sun lounger is relaxing. Not having to work is relaxing. Being somewhere else, trying out new food, cultures, sightseeing… that is all special and fun in its own right.


So many benefits

An alcohol-free holiday will leave you feeling properly rested with crystal-clear memories. And who knows what else you’ll do or discover about yourself? When you ditch alcohol, you free up space for all kinds of adventures and new experiences.


Looking for help to create an alcohol-free lifestyle that feels good whether you’re at home or on holiday? Click here for details of my online coaching programme.


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