Reviews of the Getting Unstuck course

They did it – and so can you! I’ve helped women from all around the world to quit drinking and create alcohol free lives they love.

Scroll down to hear some of my Getting Unstuck graduates share their reviews of the course, their experience of working with me and what it’s really like to be alcohol-free…

Lauren (UK)

“I wish I’d known that it is possible to not want to have a drink. Before the course I thought I would always feel as if I’m missing out.”

Dove (USA)

“I’m still the same person I was before – just with a better memory, health and way more patience!”

Vivienne (Australia)

“My life has improved immensely. I wish I knew about this course 20 years ago, my life would look very different.”

Jo (UK)

“Joining the course was one of the best things I’ve done in the last decade. My whole outlook on alcohol has completely changed.”

Kari (USA)

“Kate made me feel that I wasn’t a horrible person for drinking too much – there were reasons for it and I could change.”

Jane (Australia)

“Before the course, my longest period of sobriety in the last 30 years – excluding my pregnancies – was 3 days.”

Next course starts: July 2022

Cassandra (USA)

“I actually have a life now! Before when I was drinking, I felt like a shell of a person… Now I’m experiencing life for what it truly is.”

Michele (UK)

“I would highly recommend this to anyone – anyone who’s got to the point where they think, ‘I don’t know what to do anymore.'”

Joanne (UK)

“The title of the course, Getting Unstuck, is very apt. It released me from the constant battle and freed me to enjoy a better life.”

Jamie (Canada)

“The debunking of the myths about alcohol really helped me. Once we boiled it all down, I really couldn’t think of a single benefit.”

Louise (UK)

“The course helped me be positive about giving up drinking and I felt less isolated – it was full of women very like me.”

JoAnn (USA)

“Before I started Kate’s class, I felt trapped. Every evening I drank a bottle of wine… and every morning I woke up hating myself.”

Next course starts: July 2022

Carrie (Australia)

“I feel so much better about who I am. I’m a much better mother, I’m calmer, I’m better able to handle things.”

Susie (UK)

“Not drinking has been better for me on so many levels… I’ve got way more confidence and I’m not as anxious as I used to be.”

Ann (USA)

“Before taking Kate’s course, I had decided my life was probably going to end, due to alcohol related problems.”

Ruth (UK)

“Finding a group of women who felt the same way that I did, with an issue that creates a lot of shame and isolation, was a massive relief.”

Tessa (UK)

“My family and my husband in particular are just so proud of everything I’ve done. Our relationship has really improved.”

Amy (USA)

“I can’t even begin to explain how free I feel. I wish I had known before the course how trapped I was.”

Next course starts: July 2022

Janice (UK)

“I’m now 506 days alcohol free and I have achieved things this past year that I just didn’t think would have been possible.”

Elizabeth (USA)

“Life has been crazy since the course… I’m got engaged, I got married, I got my puppy, and I’ve been on so many sober vacations.” 

Sharon (UK)

“I still love the feeling of waking up each day with a clear head, feeling alive. I’ve got time back, things get done, I’ve got energy.”

Cindy (Australia)

“I wake up every morning feeling so much fresher, so much better, I sleep well and I don’t have anxiety.”

Colette (USA)

“Nothing owns me any more. I feel completely free… everything is easier since I quit drinking, I can cope so much better.”

Katrina (UK)

“I’m so proud of myself. I haven’t wanted a drink and I haven’t touched alcohol since I signed up to the course.”

Next course starts: July 2022

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