Jane's Story

“You can see why all the Hollywood celebs don’t drink – sobriety does wonders for your appearance. People keep asking me what my secret is!”

Jane had tried to quit drinking on her own many times, but had always struggled to make sobriety stick. She joined the Getting Unstuck course in April 2020 and has never looked back. She’s looking younger, has lost weight and enjoys a closer relationship with her husband and teenage children.

Jane Says:

I had actually gone to sign up for the course several times before and then backed out at the last moment. But one day I was running down the stairs to get to my box of wine when this voice in my head said, ‘You can’t do this on your own.’

Before the course, I was so tired. Chronically tired. But my attitude was, ‘There’s no problem here. There’s nothing to see here.’ I always pretended to be fine because nothing could interfere with me drinking. I didn’t want to admit how I felt to anyone, let alone myself.

I’ve just turned 50 but the changes in my appearance have been nothing short of miraculous. You can see why all the Hollywood celebs don’t drink.

My skin has changed – it’s less puffy and more hydrated. I’ve got fewer wrinkles than I had a couple of years ago. I was getting very jowly before. Better sleep has made such a difference too.

People can’t believe the difference in me. When I shared my 50th birthday photos on Facebook, people said, ‘What’s your secret – you look amazing!’ The difference must really show because so many people have commented.

My kids and husband say I’m more patient now. I actually listen to them and I don’t shout at them anymore.

I know it’s a cliche, but I really do feel like I’m my best self. I used to think that drinking and being the party girl was so much part of who I was. But actually, I was all the good things, despite the fact that I drank a lot – not because of it.

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