I’ve always been pretty health-conscious.

Before I got sober, I’d try my best not to think about the health risks of being a heavy drinker.

I ignored reports about the dangers of alcohol. 

And I liked to think my wine was just mashed up grapes…

By day, I was a health conscious runner who drank green smoothies and shunned processed foods.

By night, I was a boozer who pretended my wine habit was no big deal.

This week’s video is all about our health, our values… and hand sanitiser!

Key points:

Hand sanitiser

Is it just me that finds it weird, to think of gin distilleries making hand sanitiser? It’s pretty crazy that we have normalised drinking alcohol – something we also rely on for killing bacteria and viruses. 

Our blindspot around booze

Perhaps you run, workout and watch your weight. You religiously check food labels, shun processed foods and buy organic. Why are so many of us health conscious, and yet we know so little about alcohol?


No justification for drinking for health reasons

The UK government guidance on this is here. The old myth about drinking for heart health has been busted. If you care about your heart, there are plenty of other ways to look after it.


Bring your values into alignment

Rather than viewing sobriety as giving something up, why not see it as upgrading your lifestyle – bringing your values and priorities into alignment? You’re taking care of yourself and sometimes that means making hard choices.


For help and support to quit drinking, click here for details of my online course.


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