Have you ever wondered how to have fun without drinking?

When I was thinking about quitting alcohol I worried about this a lot.

Back then, my entire social life revolved around booze. I couldn’t imagine not drinking – it was what I did for fun. Sober, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the same things, hang out with the same people or ever have a really good night out again.

If you’ve been worrying about this exact same thing, today’s video is going to be perfect for you:


My key tips:


Focus on the facts

When you’re wondering how to have fun without drinking, it’s really easy to make generalisations. We often look back on drinking episodes through rose-tinted glasses, or say things like ‘it must’ve been a good night if I can’t remember it!’ Now’s the time to stop doing that.

Start challenging the assumptions you’ve made about alcohol. We’ve all been to bad parties where it didn’t matter how much we drank, it still wasn’t fun. Or perhaps we drank too much and ended up missing out.

If alcohol was the secret to having a good time, surely it should work no matter what? Don’t fall for these myths and illusions. If you need any help separating fact from fiction, check out my online course here.


Be aware of the brainwashing

Alcohol companies often sponsor things that make us feel good, so we start to make the link between watching football and drinking beer – or watching a comedy show and drinking wine. You’re being trained to think the two must go together, when they absolutely don’t!

Why is it that we think we need to drink in order to have a good time, when some of the funniest – and most entertaining – people don’t drink? There are tons of sober comedians:

E.g: Lee Mack, Sarah Millican, Peter Kay, Lee Evans, Rob Delaney, Jim Carrey, David Walliams, Russell Brand, Billy Connolly, Frankie Boyle, David Letterman, Simon Amstell, Ross Noble, Daniel Kitson, Frankie Boyle, Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr, Elf Lyons, Eleanor Conway, Eddie Murphy.


Be positive and look at what you might gain

I’ve always loved going to the theatre and seeing live music and comedy. When I first quit drinking, I had no idea that these events would actually be better sober.

When you’re fully present and engaged (rather than thinking about your next drink!) you’ll actually have MORE fun.

Sobriety is an excellent truth filter for your life. There will probably be things that you don’t enjoy quite so much when you go alcohol-free. And that’s ok. It’s all good information about what the real you enjoys.

Sobriety isn’t just a matter of quitting drinking; it’s about figuring out who you really are and creating a life that’s genuinely fun and happy – one that you don’t need to numb out from.


Now I’d love to hear from you…

Let me know about the amazing, fun experiences you’ve had stone cold sober. Help me prove this ‘fun = drinking’ myth to be complete nonsense!


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