What’s the harm in just one drink?

You tell yourself, “I’ll just have one and leave it there. One drink is all I want anyway.”

There’s something very seductive about the ‘just one drink’ thought.

It sounds as if you’re going to have the best of both worlds – you’ll get what you want but do no harm.

Yet if you’re anything like I was, one drink was rarely just one drink.

If you want to stop repeating this pattern over and over, there are two things to focus on…

I explain all in this video:

Why ‘just one drink’ feels like a solution

It sounds as if you’re going to have the best of both worlds. You’re going to get rid of your craving, feel satisfied but not do much harm because it’s only one glass, right? That’s an illusion. If having ‘just one drink’ worked on a regular basis, you wouldn’t be reading this.


One drink won’t kill your craving – it amplifies it

If you’re obsessing over having a drink, you’re making it a really big deal in your mind. You’re romanticising it. When you have that one drink, those thoughts about how amazing alcohol is won’t vanish. They’ll still be there, only now they’re even harder to resist. 


Alcohol = a distracting side show

Just one drink opens the door to an evening dominated by what you’re going to drink, when, where, how much. It’s exhausting. Your internal chatter is consumed by the contents of your glass, meaning you can’t give anything else your complete focus. Is that really what you want?


A different approach

Even if you do somehow manage to have just one drink, it’s hard work. You’re making the contents of your glass extremely important when really, life needs to be about more than the liquid that is (or isn’t) in your glass. 

I recommend taking a break from drinking so you can step out of this tiresome pattern and experience something else for a while. You might just discover that sobriety feels better than one drink ever did 🙂 For details of my Getting Unstuck course, click here.

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