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15 Reasons Why You’ll Love Life Alcohol-Free

Have you been thinking about taking a break from booze?

Perhaps you planned on quitting this month – yet you can’t seem to get motivated enough to actually do it?

I know what that feels like.
One of the things that helped me to quit was reminding myself of everything I was missing out on by continuing to drink.
Yes, you read that right. People always think that sobriety is about missing out and feeling deprived, when in fact, it’s the other way round.
By staying stuck in the same miserable cycle of hangovers and guilt, you’re missing out on a very happy, healthy, feel-good lifestyle.
So… if you’re sober curious, get ready to make the leap! Here’s what you’ll get in return:

1. You’ll look better naked

A bottle of wine contains around 600 calories… that’s the equivalent of three doughnuts! Add in a bit of junk food (helpful for battling a hangover) and it really adds up. Your waistline will thank you for cutting out all those empty calories. 

2. You’ll be happier

Alcohol gives you a very brief, artificial high, followed by a long and painful low. You know how awful it is when you feel hungover, depressed and anxious; you spend all day beating yourself up. When you stop drinking, it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted.

3. It’s easier than trying to cut down

Yes, really – trying to control a mind-altering substance is super hard. (I wrote more about moderation here.)

4. Bye-bye puffy face

The vanity argument for stopping drinking motivates a lot of people and it should do. I get my students to take a picture at the beginning of their 6 week course and another at the end. The results are always impressive.

5. Your confidence will skyrocket

When you go without alcohol for an extended period of time – whether it’s six weeks, or two months, or whatever – you’ll likely end up in some social situations where you’d normally drink. This is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing! Being able to socialise without alcohol is an excellent skill to have.

6. You’ll become a badass

Taking a break from alcohol will force you to shake things up and act a little differently from the masses. This can be scary at first. But once you’ve done one brave thing, who knows what you’ll do next? If you found the courage to stop drinking, you might find the courage to ask for what you want in other areas of life too.

7. Your weekends will get longer

When I was boozing, weekends passed by in a blur of drinking and feeling hungover. Before I knew it, Monday morning had rolled round and I was moaning about not having enough time off. When you’re alcohol-free, you have 24 quality hours in a day.

8. You’ll actually DO stuff

You know that yoga class you keep saying you’ll go to? That family trip you promised to organise? Or that book idea you’ve told everyone about, at least a hundred times? When you take action and cut out alcohol (a willpower-sapping, confidence-destroying, time-sucking drug) you set off a whole chain of events. You become a doer.

9. You’ll sleep better

Alcohol really screws up your sleep cycle. It might help you pass out at night, but it also stops you from getting the deep, restorative sleep you need in order to feel truly rested. (Don’t worry if your sleep takes a little while to settle down in early sobriety – it will work itself out, especially if you take a proper break from booze.)

10. You’ll have lots more energy

If you’re fed up of feeling drained and exhausted all the time, taking some time off from drinking will make you feel so much better. It will give you a huge energy boost.

11. TV shows won’t be so confusing

I find the storylines sooo much easier to follow when I can actually remember what happened in the last episode… 

12. Your bank manager will love you

Alcohol ain’t cheap – when you’re drinking, you’re throwing money down the drain all the time. When I polled some of the women I’ve coached, they saved on average £365 in six weeks – that’s about $480 dollars. (Tip: before you stop drinking, start measuring. How much are you really spending on booze each week? Look at those receipts – you might be surprised.)

13. You can get ready for bed properly

How many times have you fallen asleep on the sofa, fully dressed – or gone to bed with makeup still on and your teeth unbrushed? Being sober enough to put your PJs on might not sound like a big deal, but it sure feels good in the morning.

14. You’ll have a better sex life

Alcohol numbs your feelings – and in the bedroom, this is not good…

15. You’ll feel fantastically proud of yourself 🙂

It’s horrible when you know you should be doing something about your drinking, but you aren’t. The feeling you get when you take action – and follow through on your goals – is amazing. 

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. Thank you for this article – I’m feeling rubbish today after a boozy weekend. Aiming for six weeks sobriety starting today. I like the premise that I will be gaining something, rather than ‘giving up ‘.

        1. I’m with you Helen too. Day one for me also. However, I’m not sure what to do about this weekend. It’s my wedding! Do I stay sober to prove a point to myself, or enjoy a couple of glasses? I’m not too bad on how much I drink, I have quite good restraint because of having my little girl to take care of. I just drink for the wrong reasons usually, and rarely have a day without.

        2. I’ve given up. I had a beer the other night. Biggest regret ever!! I lost 10 lbs from quitting booze…and most processed foods. Won’t be going back to booze drinking any time soon.

    1. Hi…..I also started with 30 day absistence as my target…..but you beleive. …I was so relieved discarding this poision that today is my 1066th day sober. .starting 26.09.2015….and I am in no mood to give in anywhere in future…best of luck to all future sobers. ..start now…its never too late. ..

  2. Great blog. I’ve gone 10 weeks without a drink now and one of my reservations about stopping was that I’d be missing out which still feel to a certain extent but sure that will get better but generally feel like I’ve gained much more. This really feels like the way forward and been enjoying reading your blogs and words of wisdom

    1. Thanks Laura. Keep working on your mindset and make sure you don’t fall for any of those myths – no one needs a mind altering drug in order to fit in or have a good time. Alcohol is no different from heroin or cigarettes in that respect. It’s just that there’s a lot more brain washing around booze… and it’s sold in pretty bottles and marketed via expensive adverts. It’s your mission to see through all of that 🙂

  3. Thank you for this email. I have had a rubbish day and felt low after way too much at the weekend. I am drinking tonight but this email came at the right time. I read your article on moderation too and that made so much sense. Moderation is not going to work for me, stopping is. Your article today makes it feel less scary

  4. Iv gone 9 days with no booze and my husband 14 we both feel so amazing we do have an odd day down. We have accomplished so much on our weekends we don’t fight and argue all the time we have dinner together we have a goal of oct 27. We are getting to a point of not even caring about booze anymore we even had a boozeless UFC party it was so much fun and everyone was gone at 10 pm not 200 am it has been fantastic. Thank you for the support

  5. Love your blog Kate, thank you! I’m 8 weeks alcohol free and feeling fantastic. I’ve really noticed that my skin looks so much healthier & brighter, perhaps because I’m actually doing a proper skincare routine before bed – Point 13! I’m feeling really positive. I was originally aiming for 6 weeks, have just hit 8 and now might aim for 100 days. I do still wonder if I could be a ‘1 or 2 glass drinker’ but have found it much easier to just cut it out completely – point 3! Thanks again, I look forward to your weekly blogs.

  6. I’m currently 7 days wine free and feel fantastic! Wine became my best friend after a huge trauma 7 years ago and I’ve relied on it ever since. Making the decision was the hardest part and I honestly believe your blogs found me at the right time! I can feel a huge difference in my mood, much less anxious and my depression feels as though it’s lifting. It’s been so long since I’ve felt human that I’m looking forward to enjoying how much better I’ll feel after another week. It’s a small victory in the scheme of many but for me it’s a victory I never thought I’d achieve.

    1. Totally agree, deciding to go for it is often the hardest part. Well done for making the decision and congratulations on your 7 days! Here’s to many more 🙂

  7. For the 13 months and 11 days I’ve been sober, I’ve missed nothing and gained everything and then some that you’ve listed Kate. As always, thanks for a great and timely blog.

  8. Love this blog. I’m new to this, on Day 10, after a few failed attempts this year at moderating. I feel so much brighter, even more confident. Just had a great weekend AF, got loads done but also had some nice chillout time and a walk. And as for the bank manager – saved over £50 so far, put it in a separate account and have booked a massage for this Saturday with it! Still not sleeping well yet, but you’ve reassured me. Who knows, if I can keep going I may be able to ditch the anti depressants in the spring….

  9. I’m new to this, I loved all of those15 points they are so true. I’m determined to go alcohol free for the recommended six to eight weeks, I just sat here watching tv and drank a whole bottle of wine to myself. As usual. Can I start it tomorrow? I’m going to try it.

  10. Ive turned 50 and found that suddenly my boobs are revoltingly massive, I have fat under my arms and my belly is flabby….. Ive been a drinker all my life, but find it is more than a habit now – its a daily requirement for life.
    I am going to do this ….

  11. Tomorrow will be one full week alcohol free and had absolutely no desire to drink this last weekend. I do feel better.. less foggy.. more in tune to what I want to do /accomplish
    Working out daily too. For a while I was moderating by only drinking on weekends and buying smaller bottles of wine
    But as long as there was wine in house I wanted it
    I’m glad I’m choosing to cut it out for so many reasons
    I don’t want my kids to know me the way I know my mom.. needs a drink daily to cope with life. I am determined to break that cycle

    1. Congratulations on one week alcohol-free! Keep going and you’ll keep seeing the benefits. Alcohol-free living is the BEST 🙂

  12. Love this blog! Day 8 for me, last week I was definitely lethargic and cranky, but finally started feeling better this weekend- I even tried that Yoga class yesterday, just like you said and plan on going to another Wednesday. My sleep is still not the greatest and still have a hard time waking up, even after 9 hours, but am confident that will improve. I also have been taking Milk Thistle and Holy Basil to help with the detox and improving the years of damage I’ve done to my liver and body. Telling friends I’m doing it for a 100 days, but believe it will be a life choice to stay sober after that. Thanks for you encouraging words!

  13. I really need to do this. I want it to stick. How do I make it stick? I feel like buying a bracelet or something as a reminder of the commitment not to drink. Do you think this would help?

    1. A bracelet might help as a visual reminder. I’d look at other areas too: are you following some kind of plan, so you know exactly what you should be working on each day, to help sobriety click into place and keep you motivated? Are you talking to other people about this, or are you part of an online community where you can get support? That kind of help makes all the difference. Do take a look at my online course if you’d like this kind of support. The next (and final 2017 session) starts very soon: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

  14. I so want to stop drinking a bottle a night! Tried so many times. Feel like a failure and it’s gets me in debt!
    Will hopefully try again today !

    1. Good luck Cass. All those bottles of wine really add up, impacting your health and your wallet. If you need any more support with stopping – and a step by step roadmap to guide you through early sobriety – my course will help you with this. The next session starts in a few weeks time – you can find out more here.

  15. Hi, for years I’ve been planning “not to drink this weekend” and most weekends I end up drinking and feeling full of anxiety for days. I’ve just read through the list and some comments and would be so proud of myself if I managed at least the six weeks. What support can I get? Help please?!?!

  16. I’ve felt rubbish all day and I know it’s that drink (or a few too many) that I had last night. I can see it’s a security/comfort daily habit now but I know by just saying no and having the strength to not buy that bottle of wine or some vodka tonight is going to take a lot! I feel I’m in a hole but I know I’m not alone.
    Thank you for your words and the guidance you give.
    Today starts a new me, you’ve inspired me. Thank you.

  17. Kate,going for my 1st night without a drink,night time is the hardest. Thank you for you’re words of wisdom. I will keep you posted.

  18. Going for my 1st night tonight. I ran across my “why” that I typed up 4 years ago. It had 8 bullet points on it. I printed it out and keep on reading it today thinking…I still haven’t done this 4 years later!!! That really scares me! It is helpful reading the blogs from everyone…especially the ones that are starting tonight. I won’t be alone! I won’t stop on the way home tonight for wine!

    1. Hi Jodi, I don’t know if this will help you or anyone else but I have wine in the kitchen cupboard. My rationale is that not drinking it is my choice, not because I don’t have any in, I find it quite empowering as opposed to that desperate feeling when you’re all out of wine. I’m on night 10 and in all honesty it’s getting easier. I still weigh up every evening whether to have a glass (bottle) but I haven’t caved. I go to bed with my book and a camomile tea then wake up in the morning immensely proud. I’m feeling more like myself everyday. Best of luck on night 1, you can do it! Lots of love.

  19. Thanks Kate for the support to get started – 11 days no alcohol and have managed – meal out with the girls, Saturday night at an 80’s tribute night and Sunday lunch with the in-laws which is usually a very boozy affair. Feeling great but wondered can anyone suggest any good soft drinks – have never been much of a soft drink person x

    1. I’m on night 11 too! My drink of choice was Pinot Grigio, so now I’ve been substituting it with water with a splash of Pink Leomande. I’m not a soda drinker either. Good luck, I hope you find something you equally enjoy

      1. Thanks Michele – last night (night 12) was the hardest yet. A Friday night, tired and emotional after a draining week at work and I almost gave in. Hubby was enjoying a glass of red and the temptation to give up was immense. I didn’t though and he poured me a glass of bitter lemon which was quite refreshing. Also I’ve been trying different fruit teas with rhubarb and ginger my current favourite. Thanks all for your support. Lunch out today with a group of girlfriends could be another temptation but I am determined to stay strong.

        1. Hi Kat
          Jamaican ginger beer hits the back or your ur throat in a pleasant way. Kombucha I’m told is good but I haven’t got to grips with it properly yet. It’s fermented something but it turns it into and acidic drink rather than alcohol… My fave when I feel like I’m missing out is Bavaria 0.0% beer
          Good luck!
          Bec (day 17)

          1. Hi Bec, I love ginger beer and have found some lovely ginger cordial too – I’m quite enjoying trying lots of different non alcoholic options at home its just that bars and restaurants seem lacking in that way. I’ve made it to day 22 so feeling proud of myself. Hope its going well for you.

    2. Hi! I’ve found I like carbonated water/ club soda with a splash of fruit juice, cranberry, lemon, lime, etc. over ice. Or, Le Croix. It’s a great treat, and I don’t drink my saved calories back on!

  20. Well it’s Friday and the weekend is here!! This is going to be a challenge and I’ve always said it’s the law that you drink at the weekend!! This is day 6!!!

  21. I’m on day four of sobriety. I find it interesting how everyone I’ve spoken to at one point or another today mentioned, getting drinks, let’s do that over some good cocktails, can’t wait for Sunday that place has great cocktails, OMG it’s only 12 and I need a drink! Agggggg!!! This very early for me and when I hear all of this I’m like, Care you are overreacting! You are fine to have a cocktail, but I shake my head and know that I’m totally kidding myself. I won’t have one, I’ll have a bottle and then some. I don’t even like having just one BORING… anyway, I am going to be strong and stick to my plan to stay sober. Anyway, thank you for this blog! It was a nice place to come to after my day of being around folks looking forward to their weekend of cocktails.

  22. I’m the same can’t just have one…. Well last night I went and got a bottle!! But is still in the fridge yay!!! First Friday night forever when I haven’t had a drink!!

    1. Its even more rewarding when you resist and there is alcohol there – it really is about not giving it up but remembering how much better we will feel when we don’t do it. Hope you’ve all woken up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the weekend x

  23. Hi! I can relate to so many of these comments! I am in a bad habit with wine with dinner and suddenly the bottle is gone! I want to break this cycle and the only way is to stop altogether. I am on day 2 feel ok, I am getting loads done around the house Lucky I stumbled across Kate’s blog! You have all inspired me, thanks together we can do this.

  24. I’m new to this sobriety business too. Kate, your blogs have really inspired me along with all the stories from real people! Day 1 today, Mon 18.9.17. Here goes…

  25. I am on Day 3. I drink on the weekends, never during the week. But I find that I definitely make up for it on the weekends. I feel guilty and anxious afterwards. 🙁 I am reading the book, Happier Hour (by Rebecca Weller), and boy did it shout out to me.
    Kate, this blog is fantastic! I am taking from now until Jan. 1st off from drinking (crossing fingers).
    Bought a new journal to write down things I have always wanted to do but drinking go in the way. 🙂

  26. I really want to quit. Hubby drinks every night too and not keen to quit. His choice but I’m worried about my chances of success with it right under my nose. Any suggextions?

  27. I am two months sober and feel amazing. Alcohol always Made me down and was bad on my mental health. I’m 24 years old and feel like I’ve got my life back.

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