“Whenever I try to stop drinking, my husband is really negative about it.

“He drinks less than me and doesn’t understand why I can’t just have one or two like him.

“He’s always so sceptical about me trying to stop. He’s even bought me wine in the past when I’ve said I’m not drinking. How do I deal with his lack of support at home?”

If you have an unsupportive friend, partner or relative in your life, it can make you really doubt yourself.

So how do you handle it? That’s what this video is all about.

Key points

Why are they unsupportive?

Sometimes the other person has their own issues around alcohol and doesn’t want to lose a drinking buddy. But here’s the other thing: if your partner has seen you try this before – and struggle with it and beat yourself up – they won’t want you to go through that again. And if you’ve hidden some of your drinking from them, they might not even understand how you really feel about it.


Cheerleading yourself

Your success should never hinge on someone else behaving in a certain way. Ultimately, the person who should be giving you the most positive comments and cheerleading is you! So take a look at your inner self talk. Are you busy telling yourself that you can’t do it? If you work on supporting yourself first, then a negative response from someone else won’t have quite the same impact.


Remember – things change

A lukewarm response tends to come from what’s happened in the past and what the other person is anticipating will happen again. So many women join my course with partners who are unsupportive and sceptical. But it rarely stays that way. Once they start to see a shift – and realise that they’re getting the best version of their partner back – then their mindset changes pretty quickly!

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