Right now, we’re all getting used to a ‘new normal’.

Can you imagine going back in time, and trying to explain to the January 2020 version of you what life is like today?

I would never have believed so much could change within a few months, but it has. 

This got me thinking about our ability to change and adapt. 

In fact, when it comes to sobriety, there’s a pretty valuable lesson we can learn from this lockdown life… 

The breakdown:

We adapt quicker than we think

When the lockdown first began, I couldn’t get over how quiet it was in my local town. Now I no longer stop and stare at the closed shops – I’ve just become used to it. 

What are you doing now, without even thinking about it? Perhaps keeping a 2 metre distance from others has become instinctive. Or maybe you’d never used Zoom before and now it’s second nature. 

Many things that seemed unthinkable a few months ago are now part of ‘normal’ life. 


What’s the lesson here?

Most of us don’t like change. It’s uncomfortable at first and we worry that it’s always going to feel unfamiliar. But that isn’t the case. 

If you can find a new normal in the middle of a global pandemic, then you can find a new normal in sobriety. Not drinking won’t always feel strange – you’ve just got to give it time.

(Plus, unlike the coronavirus, sobriety is awesome!)


Take a proper break from booze

The reason I’m always going on about this is because finding a new normal takes time. My online course is 6 weeks long because sobriety isn’t a one and done job – it takes a while to settle in.

When you’re in the cycle of ‘being good’ from Monday to Thursday each week – and then drinking all weekend – you never get to a new normal. In fact, all you do is repeat the hardest bit of sobriety each week (I wrote more about this here.)


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