Imagine seeing your drinking up on the big screen, in a cinema.

The opening scene looks fine – pretty harmless in fact. 

A bottle gets opened and you promise to just have one drink…

But one leads to two… and you can guess what happens next…

If you’re feeling tempted to drink during the festive season, stop and do this quick exercise with me first. 

I’ll walk you through it in this video:

Key points:

Playing the movie to the end

The opening scene might seem so innocent and appealing. But what would happen in the middle of the film? What would the closing scene be? Remember, your drinking movie is always 24 hours long because that’s how long alcohol affects your body and your life for. 


Draw on your own experiences

Christmas comes around every year. The chances are that you already know what happens when you have ‘just have one drink’ on Christmas eve. You already know what it’s like to be hungover on Christmas day or say things you regret at your work party.


Let me know: how does your movie end? 

Brutal honesty is required for this. If you’re tempted to drink tonight – or at a festive event that’s coming up soon – tell me about that in the comments below. Play it forward and write down how that movie ends. Make yourself think about this in detail. 


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