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5 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated This February

If you want to look better, feel happier, boost your energy, save money, beat anxiety and lose weight this February… then alcohol-free is the way to go!

Sobriety is a massive upgrade for all areas of your life.

But in order to experience these amazing benefits, you’ve got to find a way of sticking with sobriety even when times are tough.

So let’s talk about 5 practical things you can do to stay motivated and smash your alcohol-free goals this month:


Create a sobriety photo album on your phone

This is a great way to record your sober highlights. Maybe you did something fun that wouldn’t have happened if you’d been hungover, or you’ve noticed how much better your skin looks since you quit.

Keep the photos in an album on your phone, so you can revisit them whenever you need a pick-me-up or a reminder of exactly why you’re doing this.

Tip: You can also flip this around and create a ‘negative’ photo album if you find that more powerful. Some people like visual reminders of why they’re changing and what happens when they drink.


Drink two glasses of water at 4pm

It’s no coincidence that we feel the strongest urge to drink at the end of the day – a time when we’re often tired, hungry and thirsty.

Many drinkers confuse cravings to drink with the body’s natural signs that we’re hungry or thirsty. Drinking water at this time of day will make you feel less sluggish. Be sure to have a snack too, if you’re hungry.

Tip: Set a reminder on your phone to prompt you to drink water. That way you’ll definitely remember!


Start a ‘what’s going well’ list

When we’re finding change hard, it can be easy to fall into negative thought patterns. And when you constantly feel a bit beaten down by life, what’s the point in even trying?

Keeping a ‘what’s going well’ list helps you get some perspective and foster a more positive mindset. Make a commitment to write down one thing a day, no matter how big or small it is.

Tip: You could keep this list on your phone, or write it on scraps of paper that you add to a gratitude jar.


Tame your social media

Social media influences our mood and motivation more than we realise. If your Facebook feed is full of wine o’clock memes or posts that make you feel bad, now’s the time to do something about it.

Unfollow people who make you feel negative. Experiment with deleting the Facebook app from your phone, or moving it away from your home screen, so it’s not the first thing you see. (This helps reduce mindless scrolling.) Try it and see how you feel – you can always move things back!

Tip: Social media can be a force for good if you use it with intention – you could create a new profile on your favourite platform and build a little sober bubble for yourself. If you want to follow me on Instagram I’m here.


Bookend your day

Try to start and close the day with a bit of sobriety work – it really makes a difference to your mindset and helps you stay motivated.

You could read a sobriety related book (here’s a good list) or a blog, listen to a podcast or do something else that supports your sobriety. This will help you stay inspired and keep alcohol free living top of mind.

Tip: Audiobooks are a great way of ‘reading’ a book. Even if you only listen for 10 mins in the car or as you get ready for work, you could soon get through a whole book pretty effortlessly.

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. Kate, I took your course in October last year and I’m still AF and loving it. The thing thats really helped me is playing the movie forward. I picture what would happen if I started drinking again. Im very happy not to be living that movie on repeat anymore!

    1. Congratulations Sue! I’m glad you’re not stuck re-living that old movie either. You’re doing so well – I’m really pleased for you 🙂

  2. I am only 6 days in but I have set a goal and with the first months money I will have saved… approx £120 I have commissioned a portrait of my horse to be done which is £130
    So it’s a goal for me for sure

  3. Wonderful tips! Last night was the Super Bowl, and I didn’t drink. Yay! I had a huge portion of nachos grande, mind you, but no booze! I drank 2-3 passion fruit seltzers and slept very deeply. My goal is to get to the end of this month AF and look at how much money I’ve saved, how times I’ve worked out and how much better I feel. I now have a running group led by someone who’s a teetotaller, so that also helps!

  4. I was just thinking yesterday (during the Super Bowl), wow, I don’t even really think about alcohol these days or the fact that I don’t drink it anymore. I’m so glad I’m over the hard early days of sobriety. Thank you so much for your blogs and your course (April ’18 grad).
    Thinking back to the early days, little treats really kept me going and feeling up, like a new lipstick or a candle or flowers or a luxurious body wash … things like that. I also drank a lot of kombucha and eventually NA beer. I was always a sauvignon blanc girl, but I haven’t found a really great substitute for that in the U.S., but some of the NA proseccos are pretty nice.
    I LOVE the “what’s going well list.” One thing that blew me away was how much I got done when not hungover. I’ve always been a big doer, but wow! Everyday chores didn’t seem to be as big of a deal. And always being able to drive is super underrated.

    1. Thank you Nat – this is such an inspiring and helpful post. I look forward to seeing you reach the one year mark soon! 🙂

  5. Like Sue, I’m playing it forward! Went to my friends’ home for dinner last night where everyone else was having a very responsible 1-2 beers or glasses of wine. I reminded myself I would definitely want like, FOUR, and would be fixated on how to achieve that without looking conspicuous. On the way home, I knew if I had drank I would be wanting to continue at home though my boyfriend was quite done drinking. And so on…to the hangover! Grateful that didn’t take place. It’s tough occasionally, but overall being AF is fantastic! I’m using many of Kate’s tips and learning so much about myself in a short time.

  6. Hi Kate, I am doing Febfast & feeling fab! Instead dreading it & counting the days until the end I am enjoying & savouring the benefits thanks to your tips & advice. For the first time I don’t feel cheated & am having fun making moctails & enjoying the freedom & spare time I have when not drinking. Thank you! x

      1. Hi Jen,
        Try mixing diet ginger beer with watermelon.
        Place 1kg watermelon flesh in a large jug (reserve remaining to serve). Using a hand-held blender, blend until smooth. Strain into a large jug. Stir in ginger beer.
        Finely chop the reserved flesh and add to watermelon jug with ice cubes to serve.

  7. Well I was doing great . Til I stopped by a friends house to drop something off. ( she drinks everyday ) she knew I was coming
    I should have left before she came home. But instead Within mins she pulled with so I helped w groceries. Surprise she says. I got you something !! And out came a bottle of wine . There went my will power. Now I have to start all o er . I I was doing pretty good too

    1. Oh dear!!! That’s my fear. As 70% of my friends the drinking is probably the main thing we have in common so quite worrying

    2. Hi Aimee, it sounds as if you could do with some support and accountability – plus some strategies for dealing with this kind of situation? If you want some help to stick to your sober goals, definitely check out my 6 week course – it would be great to see you really crack this. Here are some more details: https://thesoberschool.com/course

  8. Ohhhh and the 5 tips are great !
    I’m going to make a vision board . I have been keeping a jar of $. So every time I think ohh maybe just tonite. ( if I have money I put it in the jar )
    I’ got laid off so my finances are tough. Plus I have to move out of my house. So I have a lot going on.. I always want to have a drink on bad days of worry

  9. Today Im 30 days sober. I really didnt think Id get this far – this course was a wonderful investment in “ME” Im starting to read books on your list also. My husband is still drinking and its interesting watching him wake up in the morning and saying ” Im really paying for it today – its not worth it” Im so happy not to be feeling like that. Onwards and upwards!!!

  10. Sober since June 2018 and loving every moment.It takes 21 days of doing or undoing something for a habit to start forming.Everyday is really day one.Life recovery bible is great to have along the journey.Peace and Love.

      1. Kate thank you for always checking in.When i came across your blog and the sober school, a seed was planted.It took a few seeds e.g. sitting at the bar and right when i ordered a glass of wine, a sober school email popped up!Or during the New Year messages when another seed was planted. Now it bears some fruit.Now it’s watering time- literally.I am no longer terrified of who i am, as i look forward to whom am becoming.

  11. Kate. I got your guide in January determined I would start slowing down on wine time. It didnt work. Now, 2nd week of Feb. I sm going to begin. I don’t like my life as a drinker. Im 54, have 6 terrific grandkids. All the associate with me is wine. I am taking the leap. Thank you for your constant emails and updates. I appreciate it very much

  12. Kate Hi,
    I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for creating this course and being such a huge inspiration.
    I took your April 2018 course and am still AF. Never ever ever in a million years did I think I could get through 6 weeks without drinking alcohol, let alone 43 weeks!
    I won’t lie, there were many testing moments and times I yearned for “just one drink” however playing the movie forward was the greatest gift you taught me. There will never be a “right time” or a time when life doesn’t throw you a curve ball. Your course was my 43rd Birthday present to myself!!
    I never understood when people said how much easier and better life was being AF. I now totally understand and agree 100%. EVERYTHING in my life is better – my self worth, the relationship with my kids, my husband, my friends (of which I have discovered who really were & weren’t true friends!) I am far more productive, I sleep better, no more anxiety, my depression has gone AND I have saved over $7,000. The investment in the course was worth every penny and more!!
    For anyone umming and ahhhing, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Thanks again Kate x

    1. Thank you Tash for your inspiring post! I’m delighted you’re doing so well and that my course had such a big impact on you. It sounds as if alcohol free living well and truly suits you! 🙂

  13. Having some water or a cuppa at 4pm always makes me feel better, dehydration and hunger is a large part of the reason that I used to want a drink.
    I look after myself more in all ways now that I don’t drink, I think getting sober snowballs into taking better care of yourself overall

    1. I totally agree. A big part of successful sobriety is realising that you actually need to take good care of yourself – and that a lack of self care is part of the problem.

  14. Liked the 2 glasses of water at 4pm suggestion and have used that last 2 days. So simple, but it definitely helped. Wow.

  15. Thanks Kate as ever for your amazing website and advice.
    This might sound daft, and a little weird, but what I sometimes do is try to visualise what my liver now looks like compared to what it must have been like 4 months ago when I stopped drinking. I feel I would be so disloyal to my own my body to start drinking again.
    I also try to remember that my self-worth is worth more to me than a £5 bottle of Sauv Blanc from Asda.

    1. That is a great tip about the visualisation. And yes – your self worth is worth SO much more than a cheap bottle of white 🙂

  16. This is the first time in 13 years I have decided to stop drinking. My father, mother and sister all have drinking problems as well. I remembered being a very small child and watching my mom drink, very unfortunate at age 4 I knew what a bloody Mary was. Even my grandfather on my mom’s side used to play with my sister and I pretending to be waitresses serving him his vodka, he called it his medicine. My mother and father divorced when I was 4 and it was very traumatic. I didn’t start heavy drinking until I met one of my x boyfriends and he was in a band and drinking is all we did. Now it has become a habit and has been getting worse every year. My health is failing and I’m afraid of becoming homeless. But I really feel like I can do this no matter what is going on around me, and Kate you are right, life is too short to feel hungover and guilt,sadness and shame. I want to be happy for once in my life and get good sleep and feel healthy. Thank you for your inspiring website, will never forget it.

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