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Two Mindset Tips To Help You Enjoy A Booze-Free Holiday

Are you feeling anxious about sticking to your sober goals while you’re away?

Perhaps you can’t imagine flying, sunbathing or relaxing without wine. 

Maybe you’re so certain you’ll end up caving, you’re wondering if there’s any point even trying. 

If this sounds like you, I can help!

Today’s video is all about amazing booze-free holidays and going into them in the right mindset 😎

Key points

Tip 1 – Start with the end in mind

Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel when I come home from this trip?” Perhaps feeling rested, proud, relaxed or satisfied is your priority. If so, is alcohol going to help or hinder you? I’ve had boozy breaks in the past where I’ve come home feeling as if I need another vacation, just to get over the first one.

When you’ve spent a lot of money, and perhaps travelled hundreds or thousands of miles, you want it to be worth it. But when you’re drinking, you don’t really appreciate the great weather, the beautiful views or quality time with the people who matter… Instead, you’re laser focused on alcohol and when, what and how much you’ll drink. Your world revolves around the liquid in your glass… robbing you of the booze-free holiday you truly deserve.

Tip 2 – Work out what really matters

When you look back on previous breaks, what is it that stands out in your memory? The chances are it’s not what you drank. You’re far more likely to remember where you went, what local food you tried, the attractions you visited, the books you read. You don’t come home and show people photos of all the drinks you had, right? You instinctively know that isn’t what really matters.

If alcohol was all that was important, no one would travel anywhere. You would just stay at home and drink. It would be a lot cheaper! It’s really important to get clear on what matters. Alcohol steals your memories, your time, your money and energy… and it can snatch your holiday from you too, if you let it. 

Let me know…

What have your alcohol-free breaks been like? Let me know in the comments. I think booze-free holidays are just the best. Ditching alcohol is the easiest way to upgrade your trip and take that experience to a whole new level.

Looking to create an alcohol-free life you love? Click here to learn more about my Getting Unstuck course.

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


18 Responses

  1. When I don’t drink “my beloved Chardonnay” I am happier, feel so much better (mentally and physically), so much more positive, can handle my life and it’s pitfalls easier and more confidentially. I am not so paranoid, sleep so much better, laugh more and cry less, work is even a better place to be (I love my job).

  2. This inspires me to have an alcoholfree holiday. I’ve not had one yet, but have plenty of bad experiences of drinking during trips away and regretting it. I always regret drinking.

    1. And nobody ever regrets NOT drinking. A holiday upgrade without the price tag, that’s got to be worth it!

  3. I have been AF now for 15 months and I still can’t quite believe I have come this far . Kate and her blogs have been an essential part of this journey. Everything she has predicted from an AF life has come true true , including the holiday upgrade you get from being sober and in the moment . Giving up the booze and the struggle to moderate has been the best gift I have given myself. Thankyou Kate and keep doing what you are doing . It’s literally saving lives .

  4. I have been feeling a bit nervous so this is really helpful. I am excited about it too but for me France is absolutely a wine trigger!

    Will be nice to experience my first family holiday with the kids without the “lady petrol”.

    1. You won’t have the comparison unless you give it a go, so why not treat your France holiday as an alcohol-free experiment? You can always drink on future holidays if you wish, but I think you’ll find there is a lot more to the country than just wine…

    2. My first AF holiday was to France in a wine producing region. I even went on a wine tour to a local vineyard with the family but didn’t drink.
      It was one of the best holidays I have had , chiefly because I remember all the good bits.
      Give it a go … you just never know and if you can be AF on holiday , you can be AF anywhere

  5. I’ve just had my trips away, and they were in the very early days of this course.

    But I remember cycling to Spain on one holiday, telling myself I was sampling local produce – Normandy cider, Calvados, Bordeaux wine, back to Basque cider – but having to spend a lot of energy keeping myself in check, because I was camping, travelling solo, & always cycling the next day, not wanting to seem like someone with a drink problem…

    …. Or a trip to Iceland, back at a time when the cost of alcohol was exorbitant. I couldn’t really afford it, but most evenings found the money for the tip-off wine prices.

    And darker, on a trip to the Lake District with hillwalking acquaintances, when I drank too much and was assualted while passed out. (I never reported this.)

    So all good thoughts in your video, Kate… I am feeling totally persuaded!

    1. Trying to control alcohol is much harder work than making that one ‘all-in’ decision to take a break from booze. You got this Libby 🙂

  6. I have recently been on holiday and decided not to drink as l had to be in control as everyone else was, in case l argued with sister! Felt great and proud. I’m not alcohol free yet as l can still lose control after few weeks but l will be.

  7. Hi Kate I did your January 2021 Course. I love your Videos. After a few set backs I am 5 months Alcohol free. I have just been on my 2nd sober holiday all with drinkers and I had a fabulous time. Take Care Kate xx Helen

  8. Paula G here from Jan 2020 and still going strong! Sitting in an airport right now for a family holiday weekend. Good timing on this one! Yep tip No 1 does it for me. Keep that end in mind (or play it forward) always keeps me in line! Thank you for all your tips in tricks!

    1. Hi Paula, great to hear how well you are doing. Congratulations and have a fabulous alcohol free family holiday!

  9. I took the class in Oct ‘22, I had a few false starts but the course helped me to finally and truly get AF – 175 days now. I came in feeling I could never get free, but here I am! And my life is beyond better .
    Thank you Kate, your class was just right for me!

    1. Hi Shannon, congratulations on your 175 days! That’s wonderful. Fabulous to hear how much your life has improved too. Alcohol free living really is the best.

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