I’m not normally one to brag, but I think today’s blog might just be my best one of the year!

It’s not because I’ve written anything special – in fact, I’ve hardly contributed to this at all.

Instead, I asked some of the women who’ve taken my Getting Unstuck course to talk us through their alcohol free highlights of 2018.

They’ve each shared a picture that sums up their favourite sober moment from the past 12 months.

The result? A really, really inspiring read!

You’ll love reading this if you’re thinking about taking a break from booze in the new year, or you’ve been wondering what an alcohol free life is *really* like.

(And if you’re heading into your first ever AF Christmas and you need a bit of motivation, this will definitely give you a boost)


2018 In Review: Our Alcohol Free Highlights Of The Year


“This picture is everything!! My first grandchild. I was about 2 months sober at the time and am now at 8 months AF. The picture was taken at 4am and I never would have been there sober, present and grateful if it weren’t for your course.”


“My daughter and I did a 5k obstacle colour run. I am 64 so not bad for an old girl and I certainly would not have been able to do it if I was drinking!”


“I went to Colorado with a girlfriend for a fun alcohol free weekend and we went hiking at Rocky Mountain national park. Here is my ‘yay, I am AF pose!’”


“Going on my first AF holiday in February after quitting in January and realising I wasn’t just AF but I was actually enjoying it… this pic is me arriving at the hotel, still in my travel clothes waiting for our room to be ready after a long flight and a hellish taxi ride and my first thought was ‘I need a drink’… and choosing a lovely mocktail.”


“This was my first AF vacation outside the US. Getting my passport stamped used to be an excuse to drink and party, but last summer I spent 3 weeks in Nova Scotia and Quebec completely AF. It was much more fun because I was present for everything, and I came back rested instead of wrecked and resentful. Looking forward to the next one in Scandinavia in March. 150 days AF tomorrow!”


“Partying sober at my local Pride festival! 🌈 ❤️ I danced my socks off to a Dolly Parton tribute singer, laughed so hard & generally had a blast. Then I got to leave when I wanted, drive myself home & wake up with a clear head the next morning 😁”


“I was accepted into Physician Assistant school, at the school I wanted! If it hadn’t been for quitting alcohol, I would never would have gone for this dream!”


“I ran a 5km muddy dog challenge with my springador, Meg. An amazing achievement for 2 reasons…1) I am not, nor will I ever be, a runner and I wanted to see if I could at least run 5km; 2) I did it on my own! Surrounded by strangers! And it was a lovely experience to simply rely on myself.”


“I was broken hearted after losing one of my lovely golden retrievers at the end of August. Yet I’m glad I was AF through her illness as I was able to be there for her. I still have her sister Poppy, and 6 weeks ago Ruby joined us! She’s now 16 weeks and it’s essential for me to be AF to manage her. Poppy and I are really enjoying having her – I wouldn’t have contemplated getting a pup if I’d still been drinking.”


“My highlight was being at my two friends weddings, sober and present, enjoying the whole event from start to finish… no regrets or forgetting all the fun stuff that happened.”


“I don’t have a specific highlight, but the biggest change is the time I spend with my family. I’m so much more present and willing to help out now. We have sleepovers all the time with our nieces and nephew. I was able to fly down and spend time with my Gram for her 87th birthday and see my mom. We adopted a new dog. None of this would have happened had we been drinking.”


“My AF highlight was when I did trap karaoke in front of hundreds of people! I was nervous and I almost didn’t perform, but I was persistent and got on stage! It was so exhilarating and fun!”


“My sober 50th birthday party!”


“Completing the national 3 peaks challenge in under 24 hours (23 hours and 51 minutes). Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England) and Snowdon (Wales) ❄️ This is me near the summit of Ben Nevis in June with snow.”


“My visit to Barcelona was booked and paid for by money I would have wasted on wine. I fell head over heels in love with this city and embraced all that it had to offer – I had adventures rather than sitting in bars. The best bit about being sober is seeing these things with fresh eyes and a clear mind. What’s not to love about colourful fountains dancing to cheesy 80s music!”


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Let me know…

What’s been your alcohol free highlight of 2018? If you’ve got a favourite sober moment you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it!


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