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2021 In Review: Our Alcohol Free Highlights Of The Year

Every December I ask the women I’ve been coaching this question:

“What’s been your alcohol free highlight of the year – and is there a photo that sums up that moment?”
The women I work with tend to be very private people, so it’s always an honour when they send me a photo to share publicly. 
If you’re looking for inspiration to change your drinking next year, I think you’ll love these pictures.
There’s a story behind every photo… and I’ve done my best to capture it all in this video:

Now it’s your turn…

If you’ve got an alcohol free highlight that you’d like to share, let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear about it!
If you’re looking for help to quit drinking in 2022, check out my Getting Unstuck coaching programme – the next group will start soon.

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. What beautiful photos. This time next year I want to be sharing a photo like that. I want to feel happy and proud, not tired and sad. I’m so fed up with my drinking and letting people down.

    1. great photos not had a drink nowgor 8 weeks and feeling great ive had a couple of alcohol free Christmas days out and its great to wake up next day hangover and guilt free

      1. Thank you very much for those inspiring photos. I’m 4 months sober and my life has already improved in small but important ways.

        1. Just watched the first video of your class and today will be day one of committing to 6 weeks of sobriety. My husband gave me a new calendar for Christmas and I will mark each day on it. I did this with a goal I had years ago and to see the the continuous check marks gave me more courage. I’ll admit that I am afraid. But I am slowly killing myself with booze. The longest I’ve gone without it in the last fifteen years was four days. I remember just in that short period of time that the dark circles and puffiness around my eyes already started disappearing. I have some serious health conditions that are very painful and I know I have to stop. Thank you Kate for what you do.

    2. It’s Xmas time am only in my 6th day
      AF am keeping a AF calendar each night I put in AF & how many days .
      Seems like such small steps for such a long journey ahead am taking it one day at a time. Kate your Pep talks & your videos has really helped me. Stay on track I have now replaced my Happy Hour with a walk & going to a nice cafe
      & having a nice latte or coffee so far so good. I also have not said any thing to anyone about my new life choice I have made.

  2. Thanks to all the women who shared these lovely photos and inspiring stories. I stopped drinking in April and my best moment was my 60th in October when my children came round and cooked dinner and I remember every moment.

  3. These photos filled my heart with joy. I am nearly 5 months sober and feel and look the best I have felt in years. This will be a Christmas to remember and remember it I shall.

  4. I loved these pictures and stories. It’s early days for me but I’m feeling good an will send my photo in on my anniversary

  5. My “highlight” was going out with a group of women for dinner. One of them was really into the drinking and ordered cocktails for us all and of course took a photo and put it all on Instagram and then she ordered shots without asking me if I wanted one but by then I didn’t care because I’d had too much already …. then next day and ever since then, I have not wanted to be part of that kind of life style. I haven’t had any alcohol since and following The Sober School helps keep me on track. I have found some women who feel the same but still drink a little or a lot and it’s good to talk about it and share non alcoholic drink ideas. And I’ve noticed the alcohol free section at my wine shop is getting bigger…. we are ON TREND!!

    1. I’ve got plenty of help coming your way soon Kathie! Keep an eye for my video workshop and details of my next course starting in January 🙂

      1. I don’t know what I am doing or how to use this but I am 40 years old and suffer terrible from anxiety and panic attacks , they seem to come on a night time , and that makes me turn to drink
        Every night I turn to drink because I don’t like the feeling of panic attack
        I hate myself I don’t want to do it I’m putting so much weight on , I am miserable , I have small children
        I just want to be able to go to bed and go to sleep without having a panic attack

        1. Hi Dionne, keep an eye on your inbox later this week as I’ll be sharing some videos to help you get started with taking a break. It sounds as if you’re very unhappy with how things are at the moment and I’d love to help you make a start with turning over a new leaf! I’ll send you the first video on Sunday 🙂

  6. Thanks to Kate, I have been AF for over three months. Christmas is proving to be testing, but I am stronger than I have been in the past and can see just how much alcohol controlled me. It is funny how people are so keen for me to drink, like me not drinking would spoil things. My highlight has been dancing at a party and not caring – then going for a run in the morning!

    1. I love a bit of sober dancing! That is true freedom… dancing without caring and then waking up feeling great. Wishing you a very happy Christmas Natalie! 🙂

  7. I love what Natalie said dancing and having a great evening then running the next morning exactly what I would do !! My alcohol free moment doing Christmas things and not being tempted to drink I’m 6 weeks now feels great I shall continue on my sober journey ! Videos are great really motivate me x

  8. Beautiful and inspiring! Hidden gems in this AF life! Thanks Kate! A very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022 to you and your team!

  9. Hi Kate, I’ve been away from alcohol this time since your fall course and most days feel wonderful! Hardest part was being home alone after a wonderful time with family. I don’t know why that is so hard but I managed to curb stopping at the liquor store. My goal is to keep with the program!

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