How’s your Dry January going?

By this point in the month, the goals you set at New Year can seem a long time ago.

If your enthusiasm for alcohol free living is waning – or you could do with a dose of motivation to keep going – I want to help you stay on track. 

In today’s video, I’ve got 3 quick tips to help you smash Dry January (or whatever sober goal you’re working towards right now!)

Key points:

1. Put inspiring affirmations in places you’ll see often

Here are some of my favourites: Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised. No one ever regrets waking up without a hangover. Drinking steals happiness from tomorrow. I’m going to be so happy I didn’t settle. 

Write these on sticky notes and put them in places that will catch your attention. Or set them as reminders on your phone so they ping up at different times. However you do it, make sure these things are visible.


2. Give your unhelpful thoughts a voice and personality

“Just have one, you can get back on track tomorrow! It’s been a long day, you deserve a drink.” Thoughts like this can be persuasive because they seem so innocent and almost caring. It feels like no big deal – you’re just giving yourself a break, right? 

Now imagine those words coming from the mouth of someone you know doesn’t have your best interests at heart – someone who’d be quite happy to see you mess up and struggle. How do you feel when they speak to you like that?


3. Spend 10 minutes a day getting inspired 

Invest in your sobriety by engaging with things that make alcohol free living easier. You could watch some of my blog videos, read my book, listen to a podcast or search for inspiring posts on Instagram. 

Whatever you decide to do, jump into it for 10 minutes with the attitude of, “What can I learn from this?” Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Be open to learning something new. 


For more help and support to create an alcohol-free life you love, check out my online course here.

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